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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Prof., Oct 8, 2007.

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    I was on iTunes previewing a song and instead of hearing the 30 second preview, I was able to hear the whole song! How cool is that!? :D

    Prof. :apple:
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    mad jew

    Was the song 29 seconds long?
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    Maybe it was a free song ?
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    No & No.

    It was about 5 minutes long and it was not free.

    Prof. :apple:
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    DOnt say that aloud, the :apple:Spies (iSpy?) might hear you...
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    tell me how it happened because i want to do that
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    haha me to probably just a one time lucky thing
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    I do wish iTunes would allow for a full low-quality preview of songs. It would certainly keep me buying more. It's difficult to really buy a song you're not familiar with after only getting a 30 second preview. There are songs I've bought based off the preview and the entire song was bad with the exception of the 30 second melody.
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    mad jew


    A full playback would probably put the record companies and artists in the pooh though. I'd like to be able to have free reign of the song for thirty seconds, so I could skip about to different areas so as to ensure it's the correct track. I wouldn't mind if this was limited to thirty seconds at all, since that'd be more than enough time. :)
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    It's too late, he's already dead! :(
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    what song was it?
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    I discovered a bug a while ago that if you get a free iTunes song with the Coca-Cola advertisement. And if you clicked buy album, with only 1 song credit. It still downloaded. There was no money gone from my bank account. Free song:D But I reported it.
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    I just double clicked on the song and it played the whole thing, I don't know how I did it; it just happened. :D

    Prof. :apple:
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    The name of the song is "Canon in D".

    Prof. :D
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    very cool error, i also had a itunes bug, that thought that my ipod nano was a iphone!! :p but i didn't get anything with it :( .

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