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The Daily WTF

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by notjustjay, Feb 23, 2006.

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    As a software engineer at a large defense company, sometimes I wonder about the strict coding standards and review processes we employ.

    Other times, I'm super glad we have them....

    Check out these horror stories...
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    That site was hilarious! Almost as funny as the notion of there being a defense company somewhere in Canada! (just kidding) :p
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    Pretty funny.:)

    I actually did some work for the Canadian Department of Defence many years back. Yes, we do have one, but it aint big.
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    I think my favourite story there is the "Paula Bean". :)

    As for my company, it's actually American (headquartered in VA). I work for the Canadian division. We're one of the contractors in the bid to finally (FINALLY) replace those ridiculous Sea King helicopters.
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    Lord Blackadder

    What's wrong with the Sea King? (other than the fact that the airframes are ancient :) ).

    I thought a variant of the S-60 Blackhawk was going to replace it....
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    The Sea Kings owned by the Canadian Forces are indeed ancient, falling apart, many have crashed, and it is well known that they are extremely expensive to operate due to the maintenance and repairs -- something like 30 hours of maintenance is required for every hour a Sea King is in the air. And that's in addition to being an icon of political controversy...

    We're getting 28 Sikorsky CH-148's (also known as the H-92) to replace them, starting in 2008.

    Wiki Linky
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    Embarrasment comes full-circle

    ... and now I feel even sillier now that I managed to double-post. (See below.)
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    Embarrasment comes full-circle

    Oh geez, I feel silly.

    I just realized that it was HERE in this very forum that I first got the link to the www.thedailywtf.com website, and that was by someone else who posted into my thread (Seee "3? or 4?").

    I loved the link so much I sent it to friends and coworkers, and thought I'd post here... and only now am I realizing that it had been here all along.

    Sorry everyone :p
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    no worries, it was good enough for a repost.

    if you makes you feel any better, i read a few of the entries before thinking "these sound familiar..."
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    Lord Blackadder

    Wow, that's a crazy story...too bad too, because the Sea King is really a great helicopter, they just kept it in service way too long. Some of the newer Sea Kings in US service have already been retired...
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    hahahaha damn that sucked man!! but it was funny.

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