The First Google Drive iOS App_iDocs HD Pro for Google Docs

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by foxsoft, Apr 27, 2012.

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    The First Google Drive iOS App_iDocs HD Pro for Google Docs_Has Arrived on Itunes Store

    Several days ago, Google finally unleashed its cloud storage service, Google Drive. And while the application has been released for Android users on the Google Play Store. But the company failed to launch a dedicated Google Drive iOS application for iPhone and iPad users.

    Now iDocs HD Pro for Google Docs developed by ICSOFT support Google Drive’s full features.

    Product Name: iDocs HD Pro for Google Docs
    iDocs: the most intuitive and robust app for managing Google Drive and Google Docs on the iPad. Create, edit, share and view your Google documents with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, built from the ground up to take advantage of the iPad's revolutionary form and functionality. From creating spreadsheets to live-editing text documents, iDocs HD Pro gives you a direct line to the full Google Drive and Google Docs suite.

    Download Link:
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    anyone bought it yet?

    interesting to see what people think of this app...been waiting for a decent ipad app which actually allows EDITING of google docs...up until now they seem to have all been simply seem kind of mixed...some say it works great and others say after editing a doc it became a jumbled mess of characters..
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    Same here! But you can't see the workflow anywhere in the app's info, which leaves me suspicios, that it is just another "web-port" app, which actually opens a browser window, where you login to the usual Safari Google Docs Web interface, which is horrible.

    If there is fluent editing and collaboration, where there is no need to click "Submit" on every cell you edit, I'm buying this at once.
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    Nevermind... judging by this photo, it's another "fake" Google Docs app.


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    pro version as well?

    so even the so-called "PRO" version of this app is another scam google docs app?? I had high hopes....are the app store reviews legit or not?

    Another possibility might be the app called "Touch Docs" ....seems to have decent reviews but is it also a "fake" app..
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    This app has potential (I got it via a promo) but offers very limited editing of Google docs. In other words, it's more like a "port" app and the basic equivalent of the Safari window.
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    So if I understand correctly - an app called iDocs HD Pro offers a "very limited editing of Google docs".

    Yeah, great potential... :confused:
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    Oops, I see what you mean. What I meant was that if they could add more editing features to this app and make it a true Google doc editor, the app would be great. The interface is smooth and very polished, so all it needs is better editing.

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