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Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by Pagemakers, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Is it still the same old, same old, clock and a picture if your cat, or in iOS6 can it actually be used for something useful?
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    Still more or less the same, although more things are accessible from it now.
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    Oh well, maybe in iOS7, we’ll have something useful that was on my Windows Mobile phone 8 years ago.
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    I don't think the lock screen is finished as it has the depreciated volume bar that the Music app no longer has.

    I wouldn't expect any major changes though.
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    None of my WM phones even had a lock screen, unless you count a password prompt. (making it all too easy for it to turn on and do random things in my pocket)
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    Must be showing my age…. Orange SPV ;)

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    Ah, you mean the Today screen. Basically Windows Mobile's version of a home screen.
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    The lock screen shows your route if you're following TBT navigation.
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    Ahhhh, yes the Today screen, but as I remember, when you press the power button to wake the phone, the Today screen was displayed with useful info in it and not just a clock and a photo.

    Apple are really missing a trick with the current lock screen.
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    My Pocket PC (ie. touchscreen equipped) WM phones always awoke to the application I was using before. However I suppose the Smartphone (no touchscreen) devices might have have differently.

    The lock screen in iOS does of course display any notifications received while the device was turned off. It would be nice though if it could be set to display calendar events and reminders continuously.
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    Lets clutter up the lock screen with activity so we can all complain about 4 hr battery life.
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    You're getting as much as 4 hours!!! Lucky you.
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    Lets give people the option to clutter up the lock screen with activity.
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    They have options.

    They have the abortion called android which requires a damn near tablet sized phone and a 100,000,000 mA to get decent battery life.

    Or they have Windows Phone which gives you all the feeds you could ever dream, provided you dont want apps.

    Though, since the iPhone line is the best selling phone smart phone on the planet, the market has clearly spoken on what you call choice.
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    That doesn't really make sence.

    Apple design the os. We buy it, but that's not to say we like every single aspect of the device.
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    You don't have to like every single aspect to be a customer.

    Likewise, Apple does not need to implement every stupid idea posted by some bozo on a forum to gain a customer.

    All that garbage people want running rampant all over the OS does nothing for android, or WP7. If that was so important, at least one of the million android or WP7 phones sold currently sold would manage to outsell the iPhone.

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