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Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by edesignuk, Mar 20, 2005.

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    Thought this might be a nice idea. There's obviously a growing number of long term members, and quite often people aren't sure what to use for a 'tar, or lack the skills/apps to make animated ones. So if you have any you're happy to give up for someone else to use, post 'em in here!

    Remember, they need to be a max of 75x75px and under 20KB.

    Please don't spam the thread with any old gif you happen to have found, avatar sized animated gifs ONLY please :)
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    I'll try and do some more of this type, here's one to kick off.

    iMac G5 20":

    AlBook G4 15":

    iPod 4G:

    Power Mac G5 + Cinema:

    Mac Mini + Cinema:
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    Moving on from Apple ones...

    Hello J-Ho:

    Pulp Fiction RAWKS!:
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    How about one of your v useful guides to creating animated avatars?

    Like do you start big and shrink it down? or work with bigger images to start with? And what do you use to do it?
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    I find animated gifs eff'n annoying. Let this thread rot in wasteland hell.

    edit: Oh geez, I must've been in a bad mood when I wrote this. LOL. I figure I have a target on my back ever since.
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    Why, thank you so much [​IMG]
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    is there a way to make one with some freeware or something in my apple system, or a freebee on xp?
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    GIMP can do it on both. ;)
  9. emw
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    Not that I am aware of. I use ImageReady to make mine.


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    Do one for the Mac mini! :D

    For my avatar, I used ImageReady. And a handy dose of alcohol.
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    I have one that I would like to add, but it is 92x92 pixels...:eek:

    If someoone would be willing to do some resizing, here it is...


    Hopefully me asking didn't break any rules of the thread... :eek:
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    Just this once. But lets try and keep this just an archive of avatars ok.

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    I agree .... Also something about sizer limits etc.... I am sure when searching MR you'll find bits and pieces but a concise guide would be nice.
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    Thank you much edesign...:)
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    Could you do a Powermac G5? I am slowly approaching 500. The Powermac G5 will be the replacement of my 400 Mhz Powermac G4.
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    Done! :D

    C'mon, someone else must be a dab hand with ImageReady!
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    How do you get all the angles on the products? Looks like the QuickTime gallery at Apple.
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    It is the QuickTime Gallery ;)
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    Do you take screen shots of every frame and put them into ImageReady?
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    With QT Pro you can export a Movie to image sequence, then in ImageReady import a folder as frames, edited it a bit...and bobs your uncle! ;)
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    Staff Member

    Ok, but just how naughty can we get...?

    Is this one too rude...? :D

    WAY TOO RUDE! No more of these please.

    Edit: Sorry about that, but I thought it too qute to not give it a try... :eek: ;)
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    Hey! There are impressionable twenty-somethings in this thread! :p
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    Lord knows I'm no prude. but that is over the line! :eek: :D

    edit...Thanks for saving us from Wasteland, e ;)
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    I have a lot of static avatars that I'll be gald to post but I'll wait for that thread when it comes.

    Here's a couple for now. The second one is too big but I'm too lazy to resize it.

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    Yay for Super Mario 2! :D

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