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Discussion in 'iPod' started by dorqiekat, Feb 24, 2005.

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    other than the u2 ipod, has there been any other special edition ipods?
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    There were some celebrity iPods. As far as I remember, there was nothing special about them except the autographs engraved on the back of them. Here is an article about them.

    EDIT: Oops, this article is a little better.
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    interesting....... I'm desperately trying to save up for a U2 ipod. Only have $200 so far and I don't have a job. =( I'm just hoping that Apple wont drop the u2 ipod line by the time I have enough money for it. Cuz I know that once they aren't available, ebay's existing price for the U2 ipod is going to hit the roof. Besides, I won't get the edu discount. :rolleyes: I wonder if they're going to have another SE line... I wonder who it would be....
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    the beatles.. ha ha ha
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    star wars

    i thought i read somwhere else on this forum that the U2 ipods were being changed into Star Wars ipods? the fact that the new Star Wars episode comes out late May this year would make that suggestion seem quite possible. right colour scheme anyway!

    i hope yr not a trekkie dorqiekat :)
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    STAR WARS iPods!!!!!

    That would be awesome! I would be all over one of those in a second!

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