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The Ultimate No Fan Case, but not for Mac!!!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by ACED, Jun 24, 2004.

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    Very "cool" ;) :D

    But $1,195.95!?!?! :eek: :eek:
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    I would happily pay that. The alternative is housing in a machine room or box with lots of sound insulation, and long cables with video degradation.

    There is no emoticon for how I feel, one that's salivating...
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    Amazing case. If only it was as cool looking outside as it is inside... Kind of a drab exterior. For 1200$ I expect some top notch styling.
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    If you know what you're doing, I'm sure you can put a Mac into that case. But it'll be a awful lot of work. But it'd be cool, unique and silent.

    But while I am not into music recording, couldn't you just put the Mac into a different room than the room where you're actually recording?
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    Putting the computer in another room is the usual and necessary practice.

    The extra expense of this is justifiable for large studios, though there are thousands of people with desktop studios...a silent computer is the ultimate and far less hassle...

    This case is challenging enough to attach to a PC, so I wouldn't attempt to mod a Mac to fit. What if the motherboard won't fit?

    I just have to have it...roll on Marklar.
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    I just read the waiver, and there's no way i'd spend $1200 for that, and have them completely not liable for the machine melting down. :p
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    Powerbook G5

    So I guess if they add that little small print about not being liable for your computer overheating and causing damage, I guess they aren't all that confident in the quality of their claims and workmanship of the case.
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    Hardly. Its all about covering one's.....ass..ets. Look at Apple's ToA and I'm willing to bet they have disclaimers about how Apple's not liable if you lose any data on your Mac.

    That being said heat pipe tech is pretty dang robust. I trust it a heck of a lot more then a fan which does ocasionally break down. What would have been better is if this case had a built in heat sensor which could detect if the CPU, GPU, and case reached a dangerous temp and then turned on the backup fans and dumped a warning onscreen with the included app that you install in Windows.
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    Very interesting case, but not surprised about the waiver. I was shocked (well, surprised) to see that in the manual for my new PowerShot A80 (Canon), they take no responsibility for the camera malfunctioning or not working at all. Paraphrasing, the camera may do anything and they are not responsible for what it does with your data. But when I flipped through my G5's manual (yes, I read every manual if I use the product), I don't think they said anything about losing data or such. But, that was last September ;).
  11. 7on
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    you could always get a cube.

    But I do hope Apple figures a way to make fanless wonders again.
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    Isn't the G5 quite silent anyway? It may not be noiseless, but surely it isn't noisey by most standards.
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    Doesn't the G5 have 9 fans?

    In my case, where I use sensitive mics, you'd be surprised at how loud that 'quiet' computer appears when recorded...

    Re: reliabilty, I tend to think that heat pipes would have to last forever, whereas, as the say fans last only a couple of years...I have found out that P4s actually have a temp sensor which throttles back the speed once it hits 70C...I'd expect all CPUs these days would have something similar to stop the thing suffering heat stress.

    I also like the thought of being to leave the computer on forever where there are no moving parts...other than the hard disk, and that is easy to relocate via firewire/USB if necessary...and no dust.

    I hope that demand will eventually bring the price down for all computer users. LIke the floppy, can't wait for the demise of the FAN...
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    yea there is! [​IMG]
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    If you look closely, it appears to coming from a dripping nose ... if you can forgive me being picky...

    Besides, not enough length in that fluid, to match my drool...no, definately droplets....

    the challenge remains...
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    LOL, pun intended?
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    ...could also be a disproportionately large tear...
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    smileys dont even have noses!!! eyes, mouths, sometimes eyebrows, sometimes tongues! :p but no noses.

    i cannot forgive you, you are too picky.
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    2D smileys don't appear to have a nose... On my authentic 60's fridge magnet 3D smiley, it has a symetrical and smoothly pointed round nose which casts no shadow. The eyes and mouth also sit proud of the facial surface.

    and yes, that was an obvious attempt at a pun, earlier.

    Back on topic, I have just sourced the cases here in Australia, and they are asking AUS$1232, which is less than the US$1200 price tag in the link above.

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    Voodoo pcs use this same exact case! :eek: I though it was custom made. Interesting way to start spending my summer break.... :D :D
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    There are fanless macs out there, a few imacs are and of course the cube is super quiet.

    My G5 has it's array of fans, they rarely make much noise... but you can hear them. The best computer i've come across is a Compaq Presario. We bought some for my dad's office and they are fast and very quiet - a pleasure to use.

    These new liquid cooled G5s still have the complete set of fans, which makes sense :confused: Cooling over ram i suppose, etc.
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    $1000+!!!! why would anyone pay that much for a case!!!! just stick it in another room if noise is an issue, spend $100 on cables if need be, nice idea but pricey!!!!! :eek:
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    Maybe I am making this up but I thought there was a case that you could put your G5 inside of to make it more quiet. I can't find it anywhere now. Must be making it up. :rolleyes:
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    No, you're not making it up, but I can't find it online after searching for 20 minutes :mad:. It's a case that you can put the whole computer into to make it quiet. Think it comes in G5, G4, and XServe flavors, but I'm not sure.
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    it looks very industrial, its a bit steep tho

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