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Things You Want But Don't Have

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by lulla01, Sep 3, 2008.

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    Id love to see this thread sky rocket


    Penthouse in NYC


    Aston Martin

    the list is endless ill upate on occasion im just curious what other people want
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    quad core mac with hd monitor
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    pics man pics

    and if you cant find any DRAW THEM!!!

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    Corvette ZR1 this is my background image on my iphone, one can only dream!

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    30" Apple Cinema Display.

    2008 Shelby Mustang

    Canon 5D




    and a ton of designer clothes that I can't even begin to google.
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    The pretty young woman I've been adoring from afar for a few years now. We are good friends, which counts for something, and she's single. I have hope at least.

    Craftsman bungalow in Seattle's Queen Anne.

    Croft by Lock Laggan in Scotland.

    A chin.
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    why the heck would anyone spend that much on a mustang?? I just don't get it, 500 horses but it cant put it to the ground! Don't get me wrong I love cars, love the look of the stang, but for the money i don't think its worth it. Just my opinion sorry off topic just had to say something!!
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    Apple Ink


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    I've seen more expensive cars with less power and at the same time, more expensive cars with tons more power. I never said I was going to buy one. I'll probably end up with a base mustang, but the thread title is "things you want but don't have", thus, allowing me to post anything I want, no matter how outrageous, hence the word, want.
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    Nikon D3

    Nikon AF-S Nikkor 400mm f/2.8G ED VR

    Ferrari 430 Scuderia (got to have at least one car :p)

    Mac Pro (see attached)

    I could fill pages, but I wont hahaha

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    i know, i wasn't poking at you just the fact that the mustang is way overpriced for what you get. I love the shelbys but think it could have been done differently on fords part. Have you seen the new bullitt?
  13. Aea
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    Would be quite happy with a Mac Pro and a multi-monitor setup with ACDs. Can't justify the cost though. Or the need. I think I could benefit from having another display, MBP only supports one :(

    Maybe a Targa 4S as well, can't justify the cost of this one either :p
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    This is my dream car - Aston Martin DBS Vanquish
    This is the car I'm getting next year. I drive an 2008 Accord Coupe now:-

    Nikon D90. Buying it by year end after reading reviews. I have a D40, 18-55 AF-S, 55-200 AF-S VR, 50 mm f/1.8 now:-
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    You're all a bunch of selfish, materialistic people ;)

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    Seeing as I've become interested in cooking lately, these:

    An Immersion Blender


    Stir-Fry Pan




    That's all I can think of at the moment. Hopefully I'll get most of these soon as we're re-doing our kitchen.
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    Same feeling! Although I might wait until Photokina to make an ultimate decision.. I have a D50, Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 macro, 50mm f1.8, and one broken Quantaray kit lens...
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    i want a blendtec blender, the ones seen on will it blend. IDK why i want one but the thought of having a blender that can blend almost anything is kind of cool. I drink soothies a lot but my home blender just doesn't do the job.
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    A house here:

    A new truck:
    (still not completely settled on the make/model)

    A job here:

    These for my ears: (the most selfish and self-centered item I've ever wanted)

    If you asked "Who you want but you do not have...." the list would have but only one name. :eek:
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    A 2003 Audi A4 1.8t

    An Apple 30"

    An Apple Wireless keyboard

    A 3G

    A fixie

    A cheap Insignia flat screen TV

    And one of these monsters :p
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    i have two, a job and a real candidate to vote for.
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    i want to have this..
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    Have you EVER seen a sad person on a waverunner?

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