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Think Different!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by ChrisH3677, Oct 8, 2003.

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    If you have a laptop, then Preview has a really useful feature for reading PDFs

    Rotate the pages (left or right depending on your personal preference), zoom them to fill the screen, click anywhere on the page (so cursor keys are active).

    Then find a comfy chair or bed, turn your laptop 90 degrees and start reading!

    Use the up and down arrows to turn pages.

    PS This is also possible with Acrobat Reader but works better with Preview. (It also means Windoze laptopers could do likewise but let's just pretend it's yet another great feature of OSX and just use it to make them envious)
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    and...is this suppose to be something exciting :D

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    would work nicer on the Apple widescreeners that's for sure!
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    If you ever tried reading PDFs the normal way and had to keep scrolling down the page to read them (or zoom out to smallest readable font) then this natural way of reading is somethng to get excited about!


    PS Yes, Stoid, I do have a 15" TiBook which s very suited to this as the page is viewable at the same size it would print
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    i guess i dont read as man pdf's as you. but its good to know you found an enjoyable way to do it on the computer.

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    Twould be kinda unique if the laptop screens were kinda done so they were hinged on one corner that slid back/forth too so the screen could be made vertical then slid sideways so it was in the centre of the laptop body again. They pulled off a impressive feat with the iMac, they may manage another totally cool thing :p Who knows?
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    Yeah, Jon, I guess I do read a few PDFs.

    The one I really needed this solution for was the FCE manual. 700 pages or so.

    I took it to bed each night (on the TiBook).

    No, I don't normally read manuals! It's just that there's so much to learn in FCE.

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