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Thinking of Switching...

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by SparkyUK, Nov 21, 2004.

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    I'm a programmer who uses win/pc but a while back I bought an iPod and now I want an iBook!

    Can anyone reccomend:
    - A nice simple HTML editor/text editor
    - A Freeware Java IDE
    - A Freeware C/C++ IDE
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    SubethaEdit or emacs (both free)
    emacs: http://mindlube.com/products/emacs/index.html

    Both eclipse and netbeans are free java IDEs, xcode also support java

    C/C++ (plus many more...)
    xcode, free from apple
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    SubEthaEdit (semiFree)
    Eclipse (free)
    xCode (free)

    All of the above are good, If you look esp. for HTML editing, you might want to checkout BBEdit (although it's way overpriced imo).
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    SubEthaEdit is free for personal use. It only costs money for commercial use. The reason I recommend it for HTML is that it has good syntax highlighting (not just for HTML but a variety of languages as well) as well as live previewing using Webkit, making web design so much easier.
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    You can even use Mozilla to do your HTML, if you really wanted.

    Another vote for Xcode, you can get plugins to add to the languages that you can program in I think.

    A Text editor, eh? How about, "Text Edit" which comes built in and free? :rolleyes: Works fine for me...
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    this is proof that apple marketing works:

    make ipod popular
    everyone buys ipod
    everyone loves ipod
    everyone wants more apple
    everyone buys more apple

    simpletext works for alot... and xcode, interface builder, and a bunch of other free dev. apps comes with os x
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    Worked for me... iPod... then shortly after a PB... I'm a "born again Mac user".

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