Third party mail app with Exchange support?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jaqob, Apr 18, 2012.

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    I don't like to enter my passcode every time i wake up the iPad. (Or rather, my wife and friend's dont necessary needs to know and enter it every time).
    But I would still like to have my company email on my iPad, without jailbreaking and risk the security.
    Are there any app that can handle my mail, and that asks for the passcode only when I want to access that mail account? Much like touchdown or moxier for android works?
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    Not an app but do you have OWA?
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    my thoughts exactly, and then just save the page as an icon on the springboard.

    if you look in the app store there are several apps that can access outlook accounts (eg Outlook Web Email, Cloud magic Exchange, Mail Access). I can't vouch for any of them from the point of view of data security, so if you have very confidential information perhaps best not to use third part apps.
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    No OWA, I'm afraid. Otherwise it would have been a good solution.
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    I'm having the same concern here, using Sonicwall Mobile Connect to login via a VPN network.
    BTW What exactly is causing the extra password: the presence of the Exchange account or the software to acces it?

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