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Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by jordskee, Jul 10, 2008.

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    So yeah post your questions like: What game is better? cro-mag rally or Crash Bandicoot Racing?

    Ill go first,
    Which game should i get Crash Bandicoot Racing or Cro-Mag Rally?
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    i got cro-mag rally and im deeply regretting it now, crash looks better.
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    oh hahah
    is it too easy or something? boring?
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    the weapons look more fun and interesting in crash, graphics too.
    there's no objective to cro-mag. i mean it's fun, but it's just pick a vehicle and track and race, i like objectives and missions and whatnot.
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    Enigmo or Super Monkey Ball?
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    ive never played them but id say monkeyball it looks cooler
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    I've not tried Enigmo but Super Monkey Ball, looks amazing, and it very cute and fun.
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    Crash Bandicoot or Moto Racer? I havent heard much about the latter.
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    Enigmo is a great original puzzle game, works great on the iPhone. Monkey Ball is what you expect, the controls seem a bit too sensitive and take some getting used to
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    [double post. :( ]
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    screw those games...square needs to release that game they released on the ipod classic onto the ipod touch instead! ...bah...

    crash bandicoot is peanuts compared to mario kart. only reason why people are going nuts over these console sub par games is because they are the only decently looking games out. c+ games getting a quality game hooplah.

    if this is what we have to expect - i say meh. don't get all excited and etc...heck...even spore version coming out is a dumbed down version...the nintendo ds version is going to be alot more elaborate. i want the iphone/ipod touch to get REAL games...not hand me downs and the games that are getting a second chance because they sucked on consoles (well monkey ball was alright).
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    is crash bandicoot even out?

    anyway, that motion x dice game looked awesome.
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    Crash is out, but i would like to know if crash is betteer than moto racer. No one is talking about it
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    Yes crash bandicoot is out.
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    damn thats cool, kotaku said it was TBA still.

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