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Those with multiple iPods

Discussion in 'iPod' started by technicolor, Jun 27, 2006.

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    what do you use them all for?
    basically help me justify getting another ipod
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    mad jew

    What sort of iPod do you have and what sort do you want to get? :)
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    1 is my iPod for when I want to impress. It's the original, the one that no one's ever seen. Whenever I take it out, the first question is "is that really an iPod", usually followed by "is it a knockoff type?" Then they ohh and ahh, and get all jealous of because their color screen-video playing-G5 doesn't have a wheel on it that spins.

    1 is for running a backup of my OS on, as well as a portable HDD for moving ISO's onto my PC to burn them onto DVD.

    1 is for actually using to listen to music.
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    i have my 5g for music/video. My 3rd is for external hard drive when i don't want to lug around my lacie.
    I plan on getting a nano along with my imac in Aug and that's for short trips/walking to class/when the 5g is a little too big/ because its so freaking cool
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    My 5G is for me
    The 4G is for my wife
    the Nano is for my daughter
    the Shuffle is for my son

    we are Equipped!
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    What does this mean?? Sorry for the ignorance.

    I have 4...er...3 now, I just sold my shuffle

    My nano is for workout purposes (or soon to be after my motivation comes from the new nike plus deal), my 5G is my main toy, and my 4G...well unfortuanely I dont use it all that much.
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    I have a 5g 60 gig

    I would like to get a nano.
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    mad jew

    Take up vigourous exercise and your pesky hard-drive based iPod will soon give up, meaning you'll need a nice new flash-based iPod to take it's place (or complement it). You'll stay fit and have an excuse for an iPod. :cool:
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    Excellent Concept!
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    iPod 60Gb 5G- Vidoes, or when i'm going on a long trip

    iPod nano- if i have lots of things with me, also so I have a small color screen iPod

    iPod shuffle-work out, doing the lawn, times when i can't be bothed to pick a song

    iPod 1G- so i can bring it places, when i don't want to worry if it gets hurt

    Also I mix them up to which ones i bring with me
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    Nano for the wife
    Shuffle for me working out
    Mini for my daughter

    i'll add whatever they release as soon as it's released, as I want a new bigger one :)
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    count chocula

    i use my 5th gen for around the house and travel; and my nano for exercising. if i'm on a particularly long trip, i use my 5th gen for video and nano for music.
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    I have two 1st Gen iPods. One was my dads and the other is mine. I still have not found out a use for the other iPod.
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    1st Gen 5GB: Was my first main iPod, then became my work iPod, then became mostly a nostalgia piece.

    2nd Gen 20GB: Was my main iPod. Sold it after winning a 3rd Gen in a contest.

    3rd Gen 10GB: Was my main iPod, now my work iPod. Won in an AOL beta contest. Don't really care for the button layout, but it was free.

    5th Gen 60GB: Current main iPod. Black model.

    The title of "work iPod" is for the iPod that I use to keep only the songs of the artists I've recently been working for. I work as a lighting designer for live concert tours, and it's quite handy to keep all of the artists music on one iPod.

    So I currently have three: a 1st 5GB, a 3rd 10GB, and a 5th 60GB (black).
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    How much would a 1G iPod, brand new in the box sell for?
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    Shuffle for exercise - no worries about dropping or banging up against anything

    G5 for the rest
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    iPod nano- after school, traveling
    iPod shuffle- workouts
    iPod mini- works the best with the iTrip
    iPod 2nd Gen.- dead iPod :( , for display, for school projects
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    Scarlet Fever

    i heard someone sold theirs for 800 on ebay, but ill have it for 300 :p
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    Shuffle for working out and commuting to work on the train.

    Regular iPod (G1) for in the car.
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    I use my 5G iPod mostly for Video, Nano at work and my 3G iPos in my truck and my shuffle when I work out.
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    4G 60GB Photo - daily use for commute and Bose SoundDock at work
    1GB Shuffle - to use for chores or walks

    4GB Mini - for daily music and audiobooks, used in JBL OnStage and iHome

    5G 60GB - for daily use

    512MB Shuffle - for his own tunes (originally got for me, absconded by the wife, but she ultimately let him have it [and I got that 1GB Shuffle;) ])

    I'm disappointed that I haven't managed to manufacture a justification for a nano yet.:D
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    Nano for the gym,

    5G 60GB for everything else.
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    i have a

    • nano - gift, girlfriend uses it
    • shuffle - the gym, in case it gets banged around - a freebie for opening a bank account
    • 20GB third generation - i use it everyday for the bus ride

    i still think the nano is the coolest. if they do come out with larger capacity ones in the fall - i'd be interested in a larger one - 20 - 40 GB.
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    I use my 30gb 5gen for everything, school and home and stereo, and i use my shuffle for running and biking. not sure what im going to do with my nano thats coming, maybe give to someone?
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    I use them for different categories of music. In order of acquisition:

    30 GB 3rd gen (with separate buttons over clickwheel)
    Replaced my 40 GB Creative Labs Nomad 3 and I haven't looked back. I had to seriously amputate sections of my collection to fit. Now it holds my classical/jazz/blues sub-collection.

    60 GB 4th gen:
    Holds my main rock music collection, but I still had to amputate live music. It's stuffed to the gills, so I don't have room to add anything new unless I delete something.

    1 GB shuffle:
    For my wife

    60 GB 5th gen (black):
    Holds music videos and is basically my mobile video player for car/plane trips, so it has some of my favorite movies (like Office Space) and Top Gear episodes (I am addicted to Top Gear/Fifth Gear/Jeremy Clarkson and have all episodes and videos on the iPod). Most music videos are rips of my music DVDs.

    4 GB Nano (white):
    Holds my "new" music that hasn't made it onto the main collection yet... Think of it as a staging area for newly purchased music.

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