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Discussion in 'iPod' started by jwhite878, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Hey guys. Does anyone else think that if Apple decides to update the classic, they should give an internet connection for the iTunes store and iCloud. I would get some serious use out of these features. Right now, since I have an iPhone, I use my old iPod Touch in my speakers. I think it would be cool to have a high-capacity music player connected instead, but this biggest disadvantage is that I would have to connect it to my computer whenever I got a new song. This is why I like the Touch so much. Anything I buy on another device goes over to it. Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a good idea (or maybe someone else has already come up with it).
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    i think its one of those things that they add something and it just adds more and more then you end up with a touch. I think its perfect for what it is. High capacity music player/portable harddrive.
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    I would not change a thing about the classic, accept a higher storage capacity.
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    that is the only thing that i think the classic needs. although i don't expect anything like that to happen at this point since the iPod line is dropping in sales overall. I just have too much music to even consider thinking of keeping it all on my iPhone or iPad and even if i could then i have to worry about battery life, so i like to keep them separate. shame that they're being pushed to the background now though.
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    Mmm... The iPod Touch is really the only iPod that seems to be doing well.
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    indeed and its one that i cannot ever see myself needing or wanting for two reasons: capacity and touch controls. the thing i like most about the classic is that i don't have to look at it to change to the next song, or go back etc.
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    i love the classic and wouldn't change a thing about it.... Ok thats a lie :eek: a higher capacity would be welcome :D
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    I'm wondering how much longer they'll neglect before they finally axe it... Maybe when the storage capacity of the iPod Touch and iPhone catch up, so there'll be no real need for it?
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    I really like the user interface of the Classic and it's large capacity. The Touch is great in it's own right with it's wifi capabilities. A 220 gig Touch would be mind boggling, but we know that's not gonna happen. I would buy a 220 gig Classic today if available. An upgraded DAC, like the Wolfson in the 5 and 5.5 gen. Classic would be nice, while I'm dreaming.
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    Along with almost everyone who has posted here, I love the fact that the classic has a large capacity and that it is possible to have your entire musical library in one device, so I'm a big fan of the classic. My 80GB classic travels everywhere with me, and has made many trips abroad a lot more enjoyable.

    Re changes, obviously, possibly, a larger capacity, would be nice. However, I'd also like to see SSD replacing the standard HDD configuration of the classic. It is not as expensive (or esoteric) as it was a few years ago, - 128GB is now almost normal in Apple (MBAs) - and it would address one of the few design/structural problems of the classic, namely HDD failure (two of mine - both 30GB models - suffered HDD failure, fortunately, while still under warranty).
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    Its funny that this thread was on top of the forum when I came in. I have a 8GB iPod Nano that my wife bought me for xmas (she had no idea what to get me). For what it is, I like it, but 8GB is nothing when you're storing ALAC files. I already have a 4S, so I don't want to spend $400 on a 64GB iPod Touch.

    It sounds like the classic may be the way to do for me. I was trying to decide, if they did update it, what it could get updated with that would make me second guess my purchase. 160GB would be plenty for me, and if I want an app like pandora ill use my iPhone.

    Is the classic pretty speedy when it comes to accessing songs? Honestly, I have never had one in my hand before.
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    I'd change 2 things about the classic:

    1. A higher storage capacity
    2. Added capability to play 720p (1080p would be grand) videos via some sort of output (either the current component adapter or HDMI adapter).
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    The thing about adding internet to the Classic is that (shh!) very few people who have the amount of music to justify a Classic are buying their music from iTunes. However, wifi would still be a fun thing to play with - I'm sure there could be some fun 3rd party uses for it.
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    I think you may have swerved into a/the reason for the bevy of rumors about the impending demise of the Classic.

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