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Thunderbolt Firmware updated can't be installed

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Celtic Warrior, May 10, 2013.

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    I've been using a mac for one year and I've never encountered that issue like that for a year. I just attempted to download new update of Thunderbolt Firmware update 1.2 which was downloaded successfully then, it required me to restart computer. Well, I did anyway. Before shutting down itself there was software installment screen before shut it down which is installed successfully. After Software loading, computer was restarted, as matter of fact Computer shut it down itself when main loading screen came out on screen. I've tried 3rd time at least to install that software onto computer which I've had enough to install it over and over again. Well, Have you guys encountered that inconvenient problem ? By the way Mac model is Macbook Pro 17 inch Late 2011 which is installed in Mac os X Mountain Lion.
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    This has happened to me. It turns out this update (like all updates) recommends you to have your laptop plugged in for the update. But this is one update that although it says it recommends it it actually doesn't install if it's not plugged in. So it's a necessity. So just make sure your laptop is plugged in and it should work.
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    All right, I'll try with plugged in, if this is not going to work, I'll let you know. Thank for helping me out by the way. You're only who responded my post between all hundreds.....
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    Got the same issue. Had it since v1. Even with the power cable plugged in!

    Now have it with v1.2 too :(

    So annoying.
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    Not with that particular updater, but in the past I have had success with such issues by first booting in to Safe Boot mode, and then running the installer.

    Apparently, some third party app or such was precluding the install.

    For sure it seems worth a try and can't (at least shouldn't) hurt.
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    All right, it worked while it was plugged in. I thought that was going to come out on screen plug in instead of shutting itself down immediately....

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