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TiBooks: Good or bad?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kingcrowing, Nov 15, 2005.

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    So, I'm looking at getting a TiBook (1GHz/1GB/60GB/Superdrive/airport/DVI).
    I was wondering if anybody has had any issues with them? Or reccomendations? I'd just like to get some opinions about them, performance, durability, etc. thanks a lot!
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    A lot of people have trouble with the hinges on the TiBooks. The paint peels off them they get really hot.
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    Seems like a lot of people love their TiBooks but I have heard of the paint chipping on the hinges. Personally I like my Aluminum 15" Pbook. Nice specs on that one though.
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    i'm selling mine...

    and i have no paint chipping or broken hinges.. not to highjack the thread... same specs, with extras...
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    Well, in my opinion, they were good at the time, but they are extremely outdated now. I have a 1GHz Al Powerbook, and it has quickly shown signs of its inability to keep up with todays programs. Thank god I have my iMac G5, because I constantly see the beachball on my PowerBook.
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    The hinges will screw you eventually.
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    i've had mine three years...

    no hinge problems...

    just buy the hinge kit from radtech if you're really worried about it.

    I say go for it.. It runs most stuff perfectly fine. It's only that I'm strting to do heavy video and flash that is forcing me to upgrade....

    the final revs didn't have all the paint and hinge problems.
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    The 1Ghz still had 802.11B airport didn't it?
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    so? doubtfully you will ever need 54MBps transfer speeds anyways. Its not as if your internet will slow down or speed up by having a G connection.
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    whts a TiBook?
    Titanium iBOok?
    where're u gonna buy tis? i haven't seen one yet...

    Well, i have an iBook which to me is pretty lame...
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    TiBook is a Titanium PowerBook, it and older Rev no longer made.

    I think it could dual boot Os9 and OSX but im not sure
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    ooh...i thought it's some new thing or some mod stuff...
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    Here's my impression of a TiBook:

    "hey! look at me! i'm fragile and overpriced!"

    I'll never understand why people buy used powerbooks from random people for more than the cost of a new (faster) iBook or refurb (way faster) powerbook direct from Apple. (On the other hand, it's great fir me when I'm reselling 2-year-old apple equipment for 80% of its original purchase price on craigslist.)

    A 1.2 GHz 12" ibook refurb w/ combo drive is $719 direct from Apple. A 15" 1.33 GHz AlBook is $1299. Why bother paying real money something 2+ years old and out of warranty?

    Basically, good deals on used powerbooks are as rare as hens' teeth.
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    ya first time i heard it i was like ''WHAT?? a metal iBook that ROCKS!''
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    Well I just painfully sold my 1ghz Tibook so I've got nothing to gain by my endorsement of the titanium line. It is not the hinges themselves that peel, it is the hinge covers, about 9 bucks to get new, so not an issue. The paint is the only sucky thing about them -- they are great machines -- especially the 1ghz with its superior video chip, better than the latest ibooks, btw.

    Much better.

    As for design, I like 'em much better than the Albooks. No bending. Great. You put a gig of ram and a faster cache and speed hard drive in it? They are great and also have all the PB extras that the ibooks don't have.

    yes and they are also the last dual bootable 9 and OSX machines. Great for editing video. WORKHORSE. Get a bookendz dock for it and you won't ever have a need for a desktop again. Oh, and you know what I love the most about them? I can work on them myself. Just remove back cover and drop new hd new superdrive in. Really easy to do. I miss mine already and sorry I didn't get to sell it to a MR member -- it was just easier to sell it to someone in my neighborhood than risk shipping overseas to MR comrade.
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    haha...yeah i thought it was metal iBooks as well...
    but for me, i'll say...bah another lame iBook machine...i just don't like iBooks in general...
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    I also agree about the looks of the tibook over the aluminum line. The titanium line for some reason has a more classic/professional look to me than the newer models. And they are so thin, and user upgradeable.

    But I also agree with not spending too much for an older machine. If you can get a good deal on it, then go for it. But if you have to pay a premium, it may be better to look towards something newer.

    I ended up selling my 17" aluminum, and got myself the used machines in my sig for the money that I got. Specifically, my tibook with the upgrades cost $400 and does everything I need my laptop to do, and it is in mint condition.

    Good Luck finding the best machine for you!

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