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Time not updating in menu bar (2012 iMac)

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by WrrN, Jan 18, 2013.

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    ML 10.8.2 on new iMac (see sig), menu bar time not updating. If I go to Time in Sys Prefs, the time is correct. I tried turning on the "seconds" display but that does not update either. If I click on the time it will update for that moment, then go back to no updating.

    I do have Little Snitch installed, but I have not seen a request from it to allow a time.apple.com connection. But I don't think this is the issue because the time in Prefs is correct and advancing normally.

    I tried searching MR and google without success. Any ideas?
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    Found the culprit - iStats Menu had a known bug to cause this. It was fixed in update 4.02, but I already had this update. Just updated to latest 4.03 and problem is now fixed. I guess 4.02 did not correctly address the problem.

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    Thank you for this, its been driving me mad!!
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    Great solution, fixed the problem, well done:D
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    Glad it helped.
    This is what I love about these forums - reciprocal assistance.

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