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Time not updating unless clicked on

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by jgbr, Dec 10, 2012.

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    Random error: only just started, my time is not updating unless i click on it, machine otherwise fully operational. (Mac Pro 2009)

    I only noticed when it was 1hr later then it actually was, have changed all settings, reboot, reboot finder, no change.


    21:04 when its 21:09
    stays freezed untill i click it again.
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    Well that's odd. I've had a similar issue, except clicking did not force an update. I did some digging and discovered that one of my "menulets" had frozen up on me. Force Quit the offending process and all was well.
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    Are you running iStat Menus? That was a problem:
    "Fixed an issue that caused the menubar time to stop updating."

    Even though it was supposed to be fixed in the latest update I thinks it's still sticking at times for me.
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    This happened to me after updating to iStat 4. What seems to have fixed it for now was to remove the time from the menu bar, restart, and add the time back to the menu bar. I guess I will see if this is a permanent fix or not.

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