Tip: How to upload picture from iPhone to forum [iQuick]

Discussion in 'iPhone and iPod touch Apps' started by uaecasher, Dec 19, 2009.

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    One day while I was surfing MacRumors, I needed to add a picture in my post but I couldn't because most of the photo uploading apps in App store doesn't give a direct link.

    So I did an app that would allow I user to quickly and easily upload picture with no registartion/log in required and NO BANDWIDTH limit and best of all the app is FREE

    It's really simple you just pick/take a picture and copy the link, that's it :)

    Application Name: Pixels

    iTunes Store Link: Pixels

    How to use it:

    1) Pick a photo

    2) upload it and copy the link

    3) on MacRumors forums you can add an image just like on your mac, just add tags around the link or press the image icon on the top of the editor.


    My app update got approved and I've added several features like:

    1) Added Facebook Sharing
    2) Added Twitter Sharing
    3) Added Email Sharing
    4) Improved User Interface
    5) Added Copy Button.
    6) Added URL Codes (IMG tag and HTML code).
    7) Improved App Performance.
    8) Changed App name to "Pixels"

    I hope this helps :)
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    I can do the same with MobileMe, Flickr, TwitPic... And at least then i don't have to look at ads.
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    with these services you still have to register/log in and their apps isn't as quick as this i.e (get the result in same page). Also MobileMe isn't free. Last thing I don't know why people hate ads LOL.

    Anyways, thanks for the feedback.
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    But I am already registered to all those services so using any of them is actually much less trouble than using yet another app. It's not like I have to login each time I want to share a photo.

    Plus, I have my photos organized in a certain way, having yet another place to upload just makes things more confusing.

    And no, I don't want to look at ads for a service I already enjoy ad-free.
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    http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=8166597&postcount=55 :p
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    Too bad you only have this for 3.1.2. I'm not going to 3.1.2 until I can have tethering without being jailbroke. I don't mind ads, so hopefully you keep this free for a good while, since I'll be jailbreaking after the new iPhone comes out.
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    Looks nice, thanks for posting!
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    Thanks for this app. I have a lot of pictures that I want to share with macrumors, but I don't want to upload to my flickr page or my MobileMe.

    The app is as simple as it gets.
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    I don't get why anyone has problems with a free app having ads. So, they should provide it for the fun of it? Anyway, there are many of us, who refuse to pay for apps, and have no issues with ads.

    After this thread, I got Flickr. It's okay, but you have to go through a lot of steps. I wished this app was for 3.0 or 3.0.1, since from some of the comments it seems to make things much easier.
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    I'm not saying that the apps shouldn't have ads, but personally I rather pay for an app than look at ads. And my point was that for me the alternatives are better since they're free and with no ads AND they're already integrated with other services I use.

    And there's other flickr apps besides the official one.
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    Looks like a cool app.
    Lets see if it works:

    -If this works, then it is way cool.
    The only suggestion I might add is the option to mail this link, so people don't have to type it manually.
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    Ads? what ads? custom hosts file > all
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    For the purposes that the OP talked about (adding pics to a post on MR) this app would be the best solution, IMO (and is the only reason I downloaded the Flickr app, since there's nothing else to use). I just wished he's write it for 3.0 (or come back to this thread and say why he can't).
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    Even with other options for uploading photos as mentioned, iquick is great for that simple pic upload you don't care about, and just want to get it on a forum quickly. Well done uaecasher, I love the simplicity of it.
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    I submitted the update that support 3.0.0+, I'm waiting for it's approval
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    How long is the wait normally?
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    about 2 to 3 days maybe 4, I submitted the update on Saturday but I guess these two days don't count as they are weekends. So it might be accepted on Tuesday or Wednesday. I will replay on this thread when it's out.

    You can also follow me @mozymac in twitter :)
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    Oh, I thought it was months from all the complaints I hear.
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    This is handy, more straightforward than mobile me FOSHO.

    But my only request is can we have a button that says "copy to clipboard" rather than having to hold down the text?

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    Nice and simple app. I like the ability to upload pics that I don't necessarily want cluttering my Flickr stream. And it couldn't be easier in use.

    Just one question. Is it possible to delete photos once they're uploaded?
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    It would be cool to have a quick option to resize the photo to a more forum friendly size.

    Other then that, great simple app that serves a purpose!
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    I updated the app to work with 3.0.0 :)

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    Thank you for this app, its awesome :)
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    Thanks for the useful app. I have a couple of requests/suggestions:

    - reprogram it so that it doesn't ask to use the current location every time it's opened. It's annoying, and one answer should suffice.

    - allow for resizing, even give a standard resize option, because the size of iPhone photos is slightly too big for a lot of forums.

    - look into how someone can delete a photo that's been uploaded.

    Thanks. :)

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