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TiPB and fan noise

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by 7on, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. 7on
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    Hey, here's a recording of my TiBook and the noise it makes when the PSU side fan comes on. It's a .mov because it shows how far away the recording device is from the source.

    Anyhoo, does this sound "normal?" I'd hate to have to send in my PB this close to the Fall semester.


    Edit: The sound this fan makes does seem to fade into a much quieter sound, but the fan starting up sounds horrid.
  2. 7on
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  3. 7on
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    The fan on mine has always sounded like that. Is your fan always on? Mine only comes on when the temperature gets to a certain point.
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    It's hard to tell from the movie of that is just the high speed fan noise (which can be very loud) or the sound of the fan hitting something inside your powerbook. It is possible that the fan needs to be replaced, though. Is there an Apple store near you? Hearing the sound in person would really help to determine if it is a problem, so a Mac Genius should be able to help you out.
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    My fan has a much higher pitch than that... sounds like the fan is clipping something though, as said above.
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    the innards of your powerbook. Look where the fan is in the back it could be back there.
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    That does sound kind of strange. My fan is loud when it's on, but it doesn't make that sound. Definitely take it to a store if you're near one, hopefully you won't have to send it in.
  9. 7on
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    Not my powerbook. Mine is the 1Ghz with the 2 fans, this is an xray of a 667Mhz with it's 3 fans.

    And it's definitely the PSu (right) side fan. I'm gonna take it to Des Peres this Saturday (stopping by on my way back to school). Hopefully they'll be able to do something "in store," but my hopes aren't high for that. Hopefully I'll get it back fine if they do have to replace it.

    lol, it'd be neat if I'd get a new Aluminum book instead... *drool* but maybe not. Oh well, if they do send it in, my first week of college will be me on my 400Mhz G3. W00Terz
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    2 fans, 3 fans, I'm confused. When I took my 667 DVI TI book apart to part it out I only remember one fan in the back of the unit. Where are the other 2 fans?


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