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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macotic, May 24, 2009.

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    Hi Everyone.

    I'm applying for a job with a publishing company that's using Macs. I'm a long time user and worked in the Mac labs at school. But I'd like to get an idea of what kinda problems people might experience in this specific environment. (Obviously many issues will transcend all types of users of different industries, but nonetheless.)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Designer Dale

    Let's see...

    Assuming your job includes preparing work for print, you were not specific as to what the job with the publisher was.

    Fonts not included.
    Color space not all cymk.
    Resolution not suitable for the output desired.
    Designers who are hard to reach when they break one of the above.
    Lots of other stuff most schools never prepare you for.

    These are not OS issues. If you can find your way around a Mac and navigate a network, you will be OK in that respect. The problems you will run into, and again I'm presuming you will be in prepress, Involve the junk some people expect you to run through a press for them. For free...
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    Jim Campbell

    You forgot the ten-pointer of not including fonts, which is sending you a non-editable EPS without the fonts embedded, and then not sending you the fonts.

    Of course, there also my two perennial favourites:

    "What do you mean you can't use this 72px square logo.gif that I naffed off the corporate website?"

    "I'm not paying an artwork fee -- I did the brochure myself!" (Points to floppy disk with the words Brochure.xls on the slightly furry label.)


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    Thanks guys. That's helpful.

    Anyone else have any ideas?
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    Designer Dale

    More Info Please

    Please tell us more about the type of job you are applying for. Publishing companies do a lot of different things like proofreading, sales and promotion. If you give us details, we can tell you more about what the job requires.

    Or just post the job listing. I could use a day job...:D
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    Yes, any issues you find will most likely not come from Macs. My best advice to you is to really read up on pre-press and file formats before starting. Will save you tons and tons of headaches.
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    Jim Campbell

    *coughcough*Microsoft Publisher*cough*


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    yeah make sure its no MS publisher, then you are in a real pickle
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    You will no doubt be blamed if you don't double check all the bleeds & traps also.
    I have received many a MS Publisher doc, as well as PrintShopPro, & Framemaker docs. NIGHTMARES ALL, or Better yet the Word, or excel doc,
    Even bettet LOTUS Database docs to build a catalog of thousands of items, on ancient floppies, with 14 of the 150 or so being damaged. JOY.
    Don't worry, it builds character.

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