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Top 3 G5's for Photoshop?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Beaniecheese, Jun 1, 2009.

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    With only a few hundred pounds to invest in a mac for mainly photoshop intensive work on CS3 possibly CS4 in the near future, I'm looking to maximise my money and get the best mac to do the work.

    I know there are SP, DP, DC and DP DC G5's. This is the part that confuses me as some people say pure CPU power is best for Photoshop regardless of DC etc. But apparently Photoshop uses cores in some filters!

    So in a nut shell I'd like you guys, the real experts, to list your top 3 G5's that you'd look at buying for CS3 PS.
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    without trying to seem like i am being pedantic, your sig says you already have a 1.8 Dual G5 Powermac. Whatever you buy I would doubt the difference would be much from what what you already have. It would definitelynot be woth the cost to upgrade.

    Save your money
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    Tallest Skil

    Buying any PowerPC Mac is a waste of money.
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    I see dual G5 2GHz for $600 here in the US. It's probably one of the all-time great Macs and there are plenty of them around.

    Honestly, even a new Mini is going to be about as good in Photoshop unless you are specifically working with higher-res images. But for screen res stuff...
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    talk about a sweeping statement. Depends on use and cost, it is important to note that new OS's from and including Snow Leopard will not support PPC.
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    I wouldn't go that far. The later model G5s are still peppy. Even though Snow Leopard is dropping support, Leopard is still good for another year or 2, and after that you can Linux the box.
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    If I can pick up a Quad for example for £500 or a 2.7ghz for £400 I dont see that as a waste of money and it will be a huge gain compared to my 1.8ghz!

    I simply don't have £1400 for a Pro right now.
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    Can you afford an Intel iMac or new Mac Mini though? They may out perform the G5s at the same cost.
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    Like Tallest said, it's just not worth it. Use what you have while you save for an Intel machine. If you get into used quad-core G5s you get into the liquid-cooling issues, and anything less would not be worth the "upgrade". Not to mention with Snow Leopard coming out in a matter of months PowerPC is on its last leg. :(

    What you have is a perfectly serviceable machine. Save your pennies.
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    Agreement. Use what you have, and save up for a MacPro. I needed a Macintosh that could accept loads of RAM (I am not done filling it :D), so I got a Quad - However, CS3/4 should work on your G5 well enough until you get a MacPro - I recommend a holdover investment in RAM. A total of 4 GB should be enough to run OSX and a CS program and keep things usable (my opinion)
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    Apart from the fact Quads are fetching close to (and in some cases over) £1000. A Dual 2Ghz will set you back £500-£600 for a decent one :eek:

    If you're looking at putting £500 into a Mac, what about a Mini?
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    I've looked at completed listings on ebay and it's possible to pick up a 2.7ghz for about £450. A Quad for about £550 and 2.5ghz for about £400.

    Generally they go for much more but if I keep my price cap I will only get a bargain. Once I'm happy with the machine up and running all apps I can sell my G5 for about £300. So all in all the cost will only be £150+ for 900mhz more CPU for example. I dont think that's bad business. This means I can rip through photoshop quicker.

    If I hold on for a Pro I know it will be about 18 months+ before I'm in a position to buy one. In the mean time I'm gimping myself for a measly £150.

    The 1.8ghz does cope with CS3 PS but I retouch some large files and add up all that render time and filters, it's a bind. 900mghz would indeed come in very handy.

    If you guys could just tell me which G5 you'd get purely to kick ass in photoshop CS3 I'd be very greatful.
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    Well, you must be doing better than me, the cheapest 2.5 I've seen in the past few months went for £615 :(

    I still think you might be better with an Intel Mini
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    I'm looking to sell my dual 2.5 in the medium term, when I finally switch up to a Mac Pro which I need for work. The G5 I have is a fairly noisy creature (runs very warm where I have it) but it runs CS4 pretty well at least on my level and is a solid machine. Just wanted to note that I'd personally be very happy to see it shift on eBay for figures like those being mentioned so I don't think the OP is setting himself up for disappointment aiming for that at all if he finds the right impatient seller. Good luck!

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