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tophat design: help!

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by JohnBreisch, Nov 16, 2006.

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    Im trying to come up with this design. I need a top hat turned over so I can have presents overflowing from the top. I want every present showing inside the top hat coming to the roof, so I want the hat done in very smooth line art and then have solid looking gifts...make sense?
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    makes sense to me.
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    can you help me achieve the design Im looking for?
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    of course. do you have a budget in mind?
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    Thanks for you willingness to help. Im a student and this is for a design I wanted to turn in tomorrow. I will just do my best at figuring it out as I dont have any money.
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    i see.
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    maybe if you could spend a few minutes and show me where to start at least, please?
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    This is an idea...its has to be better tho

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    © me 2006 :)

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    haha priceless :D

    good on ya
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    Sometimes I just can't believe the people in this forum, seems to a a lot of kids in school that want to be Designer's ... and yet they come here and say things like...will you guys do a design for my school project...its due tomorrow,
    grow up...do it yourself, feel free to ask for critisim and help but lay off the weed for an hour or two and do your own work!

    And while on the subject, what is killing the overall Design profession are dorks with no talent ...but have Illustraor and call themselves Designer's ... and finally, most of the stuff I see submitted is very poor, but they get work cause they will work for nothing...pathetic all round...
    just my opinion ...
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    That's reallly good! Ok, so that's all in illustrator? Dang!
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    To thejadedmonkey - thanks, not sure it's all that really (10 mins in Illustrator, lots of copy and paste)
    To macdon401 - umm, ok. A bit harsh on the OP maybe, but I think I can see your point of view in your first comment. And in your second come to that - in as much as I hate shoddy design (and even more the companies that peddle crap software that promote it - MS Publisher for starters, and all those 'build your own web site in an hour' programs). I remember only too well my first look at Photoshop, and later on, Illustrator, thinking that I'd never understand how I could do anything at all with them. It took a long while to get to the point where I could use them for my technical graphics work as proficiently as paper/pen/markers. But, in part at least, my learning was helped by others who were prepared to show me.
    My point is that the OP might be new at all this, and struggling for ideas/inspiration/lnowledge/whatever, but there's a chance that if he gets a bit of help he might not join the ranks of the 'dorks with no talent'. And actually, a bigger problem than the 'dorks with no talent' are the clients who commission them. :)
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    the Western zoo


    no seriously you're right!! I'm no designer myself but I've meet one too many kid designers online thinking they have what it takes to go all the way and become the best "designer" in the world - while all they've really done is they cliped'n pasted an animated "person" (or something like that) onto a background that photoshop has more or less generated for them...

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