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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Rhobes, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I'm very stressed out over the recent puchase of this Adobe certified/approved training for PS7 (7.0.1). I can't make the reverse button operate correctly in the program. I have the CD set. I have dnloaded the update installer version 2, did a clean instal with it. QuikTime is up to date(7.0.3), IE 5.2.3, Shockwave, all is up to date beyond requirements to run the software tutorial.

    I have: iMac, OS X 10.3.9, 768 RAM, 800 MHz, G4

    I cannot reverse to catch something I missed, it will rewind all the way back to start of lesson every time, then have to frwd to area of concern-very time consuming/frustrating. I'm only through the 2nd CD & have 6 to go, I'll go crazy. At the point of trashing it all & going to another imaging editor that is user friendly(at least the tutorials). The support for Tot. PS7 have no answers beyond what I've done-They say no one has ever heard of the problem before. They will not exchange & certainly no refund, yet I can't go on with it or I'll surely strangle someone if not the poor dog.

    If I just new it was unrepairable then I'd dump all of it and pursue another editor with no chance of wasting more $$ on more product(CS2) which is incompatable with the Mac. This software is too expensive to not work. I think anyone who has used a tutorial as training would realize how significant a defect this is, essentially to the point of making the program worthless, you can't learn while fighting the system like this.

    All I want is reverse, if only I could swap with Fast forward. Everything else in the program works perfectly. Is there any way to fix this, or someplace/someone I could send the CD's for repair to(If it's a CD problem)???

    Any Ideas what I can do? anything???
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    Try copying the lesson from the CD to the hard drive and play it from there.
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    Not sure I know how to do that but i'll definitly give it a try, thanks....
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    Use the Disk Copy Utility in your "Utilities" Folder in the Application Folder and make a Disk Image of the CD ".dmg" I did that with the game "Myst" and put all 4 images on the desktop at once then there is no switching CD-s at all;)
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    I tried to copy the CD to the HD, I think it worked but it would not play. I tried the original tutorial cd's that came with the PS7 package and they all worked(the reverse) but it wasn't a button control but a slide bar. A totally different rev operation. I, in my limited capacity, was not able to use that older player to run the new cd's but I really wouldn't have a clue if that could be done.

    I've spent 2 days horsing around and totally wasted them. I spent another $30 & upgraded to QT 7 PRO and that didn't work. I'm at about 7 strikes, anymore before I'm out?
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    Well, tried this & I don't have anything called Disk Copy Utility, I have Disk Utility. It states it wouldn't give repair or first aid to CD-Roms or Write protecked disks. I inserted all 9 disks and ran them on this utility, i could select "verify disk" and this it would do but not repair them.

    Interesting results: The Installation disc verified as O.K. no repair needed. The program did load correctly. Disks 1,2,4,5,6,7,and 8 all failed verification, stating minor repair was needed. I ran each disc in the player and none of them had a working Reverse mode. The big surprise, Disc #3 verified with no fault or repair necessary. i played this disc & indeed the reverse mode works.

    So I feel I'm at liberty to bad mouth Total Training but will refrain until I hear from them. There policy is no refunds/ no exchanges and Adobe supports them as their sole software training outlet.
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    I see you're running OS 10.3.9 the "Disk Copy" utility is a part of the OS install. If you can't find it, check these out[]=macosx&x=18&y=7

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