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    I see everyone calling the new iPod the iPod Touch? I'm just curious....I haven't seen any rumors pointing to a name, is this something we came up with? I think it'll just be called the iPod, replacing the 5.5G (much like when the Photo replaced the B&W iPods, they dropped the Photo title). I just doesn't seem very, it would seem that Apple is ripping the name off of HTC since they have the HTC Touch :\

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    Many people think they will refresh the current iPod's, and then ADD the iPod Touch, as the new high end iPod... so they decided to call it the iPod touch :p
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    Many rumor sites have reported that the new wide-screen, touch-screen iPod is in fact, the iPod Touch. I believe that the shuffle and nano will remain the same, with some storage upgrades. The "fat-Pod" will replace the 5.5G Video iPod, and the Touch will be a completely new line of iPods.
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    Oh..ok. I had thought the touch was completely replacing the 5Gs

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