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Trial account and syncing

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by poppyljg, Jul 12, 2008.

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    Can you sync contacts and calendar with a mobileme trial account. I'm trying to sync on my macbook and I get an error message saying that it can't sync.

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    My calendar definitely isn't "push" - syncing not working for me either but i dont get an error message
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    That's interesting - I have a trial as well and my Calender and Contacts are definitely push, but my mail. that said my friend has a trial and everything is push for him.
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    in fact, as of now, my me.com website doesn't sync properly.

    Until apple fixes this im sticking with a trial. its too slow and not practical.
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    I had the same problem. I couldn't sync my contacts and calendar and mobileme kept saying that syncing was not available in the trial version and to upgrade. That was a couple of days ago (I did the manual install). I never did get it it work. I did open another trial account after the server issues seemed to get a little better and all is well. iPhone to Macbook syncs over the air both ways for contacts and calendar. I am now having an issue with my PC at work, but I suspect my IT department enabled a proxy requirement I haven't figured out yet. Try to sweet talk them on Monday. Wonder if bagels will help?
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    Just tried it again, everything is working 100%. I quite like this, push is amazing especially the e-mail.

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