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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by aygwm, Jun 27, 2013.

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    I really want to like this app. Lots of great content. But argh.
    After watching for a few minutes, the video drops out, audio only. Then things really get bad. I hit the Menu or back button. It doesn't go back. I'm stuck on that screen and can't navigate out. So I'm forced to shut down the AppleTV for ten minutes. Fire it up, still stuck on the black screen with audio only. So then I have to unplug the AppleTV FOR AT LEAST AN HOUR to get the AppleTV home screen on. I know I don't have the fastest internet connection, which might explain the video drop out, but not being to navigate and lose all hope of watching anything on AppleTV for an hour sucks. Anyone have problems like this?:confused:
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    I've too had the apple tv lock up trying to exit from qello. It only happened once, but I had to unplug the atv from the wall to recover.
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    Have you tried restarting the ATV from the remote??

    (This doesn't fix your problem of course, but it's easier than unplugging the device)
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    No I could not remember what two buttons at the time :D
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    Qello Issues

    Same issues as other posts. Video dropped and only audio... then completely locked up appleTV and could not exit. Resolved by unplugging appleTV for a period of time to force it to reset back to home screen. Contacted Qello Help Desk and received VERY ARROGANT reply telling me it was my issue and they had 20 appleTVs in their lab and this had never occurred. This was after I explained the issue in detail and let them know it was well documented on various blogs. This is the only app I have ever had issues with on appleTV and I have been using it for several years. I would have been understanding until I received the a**hole response from Qello Help Desk accepting no responsibility and acting like it was "my issue" (and telling me it had never occurred before). Unfortunate - great concept but not worth the pain and arrogance.
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    Accepting no responsibility for what?

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