Trouble with windows cygwin AtomicParsley

Discussion in 'iPod' started by ToastMaster, Jan 4, 2006.

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    I just downloaded a windows version of AtomicParsley (labeled as the "cygwin" version). I've tried using some of anaxamander's older directions for tagging video as a TV Show, attempting to adapt them to the windows command prompt, which is similar somewhat to the Mac one.

    Problem is, I drag AtomicParsley onto the window, then my video file, then I type in --stik "TV Show" but it gives me a message saying "the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

    Is it something I'm doing wrong? or is it just a badly adapted program? (it was labeled an "unofficial" version adapted for Windows)

    I know this is really the "Mac Forums" but I really didn't know where else to ask. Could someone help please?
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    I only check back here occasionally as AtomicParsley has fewer problems now (thats *fewer* and not *without*). In the future: - or you could (now here is where you need to act stunned & bedazzled) google for AtomicParsley.

    drag-n-drop doesn't work on Windows - clearly your OS doesn't have superior integration. You have to manually type out the paths (although you can use the tab key for auto-completion) in bash or rxvt:
    cd /cygdrive/d/some/path/on/d/drive/AtomicParsley-cygwin-xyz/
    ./AtomicParsley.exe -h 
    You should see an abundance of options. To tag a file:
    ./AtomicParsley.exe /cygdrive/e/path/to/your.mp4 --stik "TV Show" 
    If you get lost typing the paths, hit the tab key, and it will show you your available options for auto-completion. If you have none, there was an error typing the paths. Its probably best to avoid spaces or odd characters in the parent folders too as they would need to be escaped (a " " space needs to be preceded by the forward slash - "\ ").
    I suppose some well-versed Windows person might be able to make it happen directly from a cmd.exe (or something like that), but I have no idea how to use that.
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    Awesome. Thanks so much. I've got it working now.

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