Trying to save music from broken ipod. :(

Discussion in 'iPod' started by knobtwiddler, Sep 9, 2012.

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    Oh, macrumors don't fail me now. I did some searching and surprisingly couldn't find much info. I have a 5th gen ipod that all of a sudden when I plug into my mac says it's in recovery mode and must be restored and I assume this will wipe everything out. Is there any way to get my music off of it? Shame is I was actually just now plugging it in to back up the ipod. Horrible timing. I'm even willing to send it somewhere to be fixed or get the music off of it. It's a ton of tunes I'll be losing. HELP!
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    Why would you be losing the tunes? Did you manually sync them, then delete them from your Library afterward?
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    Yes I did manually put the songs on. It's a 120gb ipod that has seen quite a few different computers. Plus, I don't always have or want 120gb clogging up my laptop.
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    Looks like this might be another one of those hard lessons learned.

    Always have a backup if it's important to you, even if you have to run your itunes on an old external HD.
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    Yeah, that's what I'm starting to realize. What terrible timing though. It craps out as soon as I plug it in to back it up.
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    Well, a miracle occurred. Got home from work, pressed menu on the ipod, the apple screen came on for a few minutes followed by the ipod shutting off. Hit the menu button again and it came right on. Senuti currently backing up the entire 120GB. Phew! Word to the wise, back it up, kids!:eek:
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    After you'll finish the backup, its better to reformat and "clean" it ;)
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    You were lucky, but can we just repeat this for everybody: An iPod is _not_ a safe place for your music. iPods can break, they can be stolen, they can be lost, they can drop into water, and then your music is gone.

    If you don't want to use up space on your hard drive, put your music library on an external hard drive; for small libraries you can put it onto an SD card or a USB memory stick. And then use Time Machine to back it up.
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    Worth repeating, over and over. I've always considered my iTunes library as the core of my media collection, not my iPods. I view my iPods as "electronic library cards" that allow me to check out and enjoy large portions of my library.

    Right now, I have four copies of my music:
    • iTunes on my iMac, my core library
    • Time Machine backup of that library
    • iTunes on my MBP
    • The original CDs and a handful of backup discs for iTunes purchases, rips from my admittedly small vinyl collection and old acquisitions
    I have three copies of my videos: external drive on my iMac, the MBP's library, and backup DVDs.

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