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Turning down the treble with Spotify - help!

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by origami5000, Apr 21, 2013.

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    I want to listen to Spotify with my iTouch and my Apple earbuds, but the sound is way too treble and tinny, and makes my ears ring (i'm just listening at the lowest level). I found an equalizer app that works great at turning down the treble, BUT, doesn't stream any Spotify playlists, only iTunes playlists. I've googled this problem, and there are apparently NO equalizer apps that work with iOS devices & Spotify. Does anyone know a work around for this problem? I just want to listen to my Spotify playlists with my Apple earbuds around the house without killing my ears with tinny trebly sound. (my ears are very sensitive due to previous sound damage) Is there any external device i can plug into my iTouch to control the treble, or could i stream equalized music from my iMac to wireless headphones? There has to be a way to turn down the treble... Any ideas?
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    does spotify bypass the on board eq settings?

    also, bear in mind that Apple earbuds are particularly tinny anyway, you may find that a fuller range headphone sounds better without eq
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    The root of ther problem is the compressed music. The quality is not the best.

    And Yes, an analog solution would work. Run the output of the iPod through an equalizer. You can buy a good enough one for under $200.

    But the real problem is the over compressed sound from the streaming service and the ultra-cheap headphones
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    Could you give me a brand of equalizer.

    Brand name for equalizer? (i don't even know what they look like). Are they small, portable?


    Yes, you're probably right about that.

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