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TV Connection Help!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by joelm1988, Aug 24, 2008.

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    I will be buying a MacBook soon, and also a new HDTV, plus I already have a PS3 and could do with some advice on how to connect it all. I know that to connect the PS3 to the TV it's a straight HDMI connection. But what is the best way to connect the MB to the TV?
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    You need a mini-DVI to DVI adaptor (from Apple), then a DVI to HDMI adaptor (eg from Currys).

    Unless anyone has a more elegant solution...:)
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    Yeah, I'd thought of that as well. But because my PS3 will be connected to the HDMI port all the time, it would be a pain having to keep unplugging it. Would using the component or scart socket work with the MB?
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    The TV spec mentions a PC input...
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    The Macbook can also use a Mini-DVI to VGA adapter. VGA is better for computers because it can do more than two resolutions, whereas HDMI only does 720p and 1080p. Or, you can get a Mini-DVI to video and plug it into a composite video port, which any tv should have.
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    Does it look like that TV can take VGA? Sorry if im being dense :(. Yes, I'd noticed the 'PC' input, not sure what kind of port that is exactly though.
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    I believe that the 'PC input' is a VGA input (someone correct me if I'm wrong), so the mini-DVI to VGA adaptor mentioned by Muncher should do the job. My old iBook came with a VGA adaptor, but it looks like current Macbooks don't, so you'll need to by one from Apple. And a longer VGA (male to female) cable as well probably - my VGA adaptor is only 6 inches long.
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    I'll try that thanks. I shall ring the help line tomorrow and ask what kind of connection the 'PC Input' is. Another point, doesn't VGA only carry video? Does this mean that sound would still have to be played from the MB?
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    Yes, the PC input is VGA.

    Yes., unfortunately. But if you have a surround system (like with a receiver and stuff) all macs can output up to 7.1 surround :D.
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    I went and checked it out today and it definately is a VGA port. Looks like I'll be needing some extra cabling :p. Think I will be getting some decent speakers anyway, so the sound through the MB would probably be better than the TV anyway.

    Problem solved guys, thanks for all your help :)

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