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TweetDeck for Mac Updated with Improved Filters, Keyboard Commands, and Advanced Search Tools

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 28, 2013.

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    Twitter has released a significant update to its TweetDeck Mac App, adding features like improved filters, new font sizes, and the advanced search tools that were originally added to the Chrome application in December.

    Column filters, which have long been a part of the TweetDeck Web app, are a new addition to the Mac version, along with tools for filtering columns by content and users.

    With content filters, TweetDeck users can filter Twitter streams with several different parameters, including media, RTs, and including and excluding terms. The update also offers additional font sizes and new keyboard commands.

    In early March, Twitter announced that it was ending support for TweetDeck for iPhone, Android, and TweetDeck AIR, focusing instead on its TweetDeck Web app and Google Chrome apps, along with its native Mac and PC apps.

    TweetDeck for Mac is a free download from the Mac App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: TweetDeck for Mac Updated with Improved Filters, Keyboard Commands, and Advanced Search Tools
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    Now if only they'd bring back 1/2 the features they killed off when Twitter bought them. Sadly Twitter doesn't seem all that interested in the development of the app compared to when they were independent.
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    Is the app just the web version loaded in a frame? Looks like it may be.
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    tweet deck seems a bit too cluttered for a twitter client
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    The original one was still better by a long shot.
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    I run social media programs for a few brands and this app has been amazing. I keep it in full screen on a 27" iMac where I can monitor everything happening all at once with just a glance.

    However, a glaring absence is that of trends. What if I want to monitor Twitter trends? There's no column for trending topics, only the ability to see what is trending and then follow a single trend. The data is already being collected and served in the app, but the app doesn't allow it to be displayed in a dynamic column. What gives?
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    Try Socialite: http://www.apparentsoft.com/socialite :)
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    I personally prefer the Twitter for Mac app. I only need one column! :)
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    I would tell you to try Tweetbot for mac. But I don't think anybody is wanting to pay $20 for a Twitter App. I'm just crazy like that.
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    It's very good for news and reporting etc, as it works very nicely indeed on a big screen!
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    Largest font size still too small

    This has been an ongoing problem with TweetDeck and why I still can't use it. I have my Twitter app set to 18 point and it works and is readable for anyone over 35. But despite TweetDeck finally allowing larger point sizes, they stupidly do not use point sizes but go from ambiguously scaled Smallest to Largest. The largest size is still smaller than 19 points on Twitter.
    Twitter needs to bring on or consult an experienced graphic designer with some typographic layout or publication experience and get that type straitened out so humans with average to aging eye site can use TweetDeck on an iMac.

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