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Twitter iOS Update Adds Improved Search Capabilities, Cuts Support for Several Video Services

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 6, 2013.

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    Twitter today updated its iOS app, adding search improvements that include additional topic and user suggestions when searching and Top Tweets from important events.

    The update also removes support for video services from Mobypicture, Vodpod, and Posterous, leaving Twitpic and yFrog as the last remaining video uploading services for the iOS app.
    Twitter for iOS is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter iOS Update Adds Improved Search Capabilities, Cuts Support for Several Video Services
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    Looks like video is doomed on Twitter!
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    This company seems to have a talent for annoying its users time and time again.
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    I use hashtags and lists. What else is needed? I don't even notice when they remove support for other things.
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    "-Logout support (iOS 6 only)"

    Not sure about this. Don't see any way to logout on iPhone?
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    What is this with Twitter removing support here, and cutting things back there? It doesn't make any sense, surely an update should be just that!
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    I still can't believe they destroyed the award winning iPad panel UI that many apps tried to imitate because it was so intuitive and a pleasure to use.
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    It still bugs me to this day! Wish I never updated the app, its a shame it had a loss of functionality in other aspects. I swear even apple showcased the twitter app when comparing it to crappy android tablet apps.
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    that's why there's TweetBot
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    My working theory is that Twitter now makes all strategic decisions based on a coin flip.
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    My working theory is that Twitter is now run by George Constanza. He does everything opposite to what his instinct tells him.

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    It makes sense that Twitter would remove support for Posterous. They bought out the company and announced in February that it's being shut down on April 30th.
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    Their strategy is to slowly close off the third-party ecosystem, and eventually force people to use twitter photo/video uploading. They are also slowly bleeding features out of third-party clients like Tweetbot with API restrictions, so that eventually people will be forced to use the official Twitter client. They want to control everything so that they can monetize their network as Facebook does.
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    Yep. Every update on iOS gets worse, messy, with less features.
    Not gonna update this time.
    Got punked the last few times and learned my lesson.
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    My working theory is that George Costanza has hired former Gotham City D.A. Harvey Dent as Twitter's Strategist. Dent had to resign the D.A. position after turning to a life of crime as a result of a chemical burn that ate away half of his face.

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    For now.
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    I'm still running 3.5.1

    I haven't dared update after whatever the disastrous one was after that.
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    And what would you do if you ran Twitter?


    Lately, I get anxious whenever there's a new update for Twitter or FB. It's usually a downgrade with something missing or a crappy upgrade with useless new features. They're both hitting the wall at the moment.
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    I can't play Youtube videos in tweets now. The circle icon flashes when I press it but nothing plays. I guess this is progress, Twitter?

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