Twitter to Launch Redesigned iOS App With Emphasis on Media Content

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    Twitter is planning a massive overhaul of its mobile apps, reports AllThingsD. While the redesigned iOS app won't be launched until sometime after iOS 7 is available, it will include a focus on streams, doing away with the standard menu bar on the bottom of the screen.

    Content, including what is found in today's Home, Connect, Discover, and Me sections, will be organized into streams, which can be navigated by swiping. The Discover section of the app will be eliminated and embedded media will be available in all streams.
    The company is also reportedly experimenting with a stream that will display only television-related tweets and conversations, designed to bump up user retention by helping first time Twitter users discover interesting content. In August, Twitter redesigned conversations within its app, adding lines and reordering conversations to make it easier to follow discussions.

    Twitter is expected to launch an update for iOS 7 following its release on Wednesday, but the redesigned app will not be released until later this year.

    Twitter for iOS is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter to Launch Redesigned iOS App With Emphasis on Media Content
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    I get Facebook, I don't get Twitter. Let's see if this revamp changes my mind. They are also doing this with the stock floatation in mind.
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    The most important new feature most users are hoping for however, is that Twitter finally removes the glossy reflection from the app's icon.
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    Hope they give us a flatter UI and icon
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    Wow, I am actually surprised these giant corporations are actually copying Jony Ive's design aesthetics. Get it straight through your heads, everyone. Jony Ive is not a UI designer. He doesn't understand the differences between print and digital, and how to use color properly for each medium. If you think a solid color is a vast "improvement" over a subtle gradient, bevel and drop shadow, you got to be out of your mind.

    Can't these companies use their own brains and realize that ****ing frosted glass is just plain ugly, let alone terrible for user experience?
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    The official Twitter client is just useless.

    You have to use Lists on Twitter to keep organized. On a web browser, you can go straight to the list. On Tweetbot you can go straight to a list. On the official client? Forget about it!

    Official Twitter client (Android and iOS):
    1) Load app.
    2) Wait for it to finish loading a thousand tweets.
    3) Scroll to / Tap on "Me"
    4) Scroll to bottom of page
    5) Tap "Lists"
    6) Tap on favorite list I want to view.

    1) Load app.

    Web browser:
    1) Load list.

    It is a huge pain to mess with the official client. Why would they bury functionality like that?
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    So Twitter will look more like a combination of FB and iOS 7. If you can't innovate anymore, copy. FB might as well buy Twitter. Then Apple can buy FB and rename the new services, iFacebook, iTwitter and iInstagram.
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    well isnt that the point? to have all apps look similar to have nice "flow" throughout the whole os. i expect more apps to follow the same design
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    Calm down and remind yourself that you don't speak for us.
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    Still no support for TweetMarker-like feature?

    I will stick with Twitterrific for iOS (or switch back to Tweetbot if their new UI looks fine on iOS 7).
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    Carl Sagan

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    Well, in fact that's android holo-design... Not iOS 7. So I guess you love android ;-)
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    Twitter is in dire need of some upgrades. Especially on Android.
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    Yes, but it can get to the point where you basically have apps which are duplicates of each other not only in function, but also in appearance. At that point, some of us begin to wait for someone to "disrupt" this nice flow with something more innovative and exciting.
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    Can they play nice again with Instagram (and subsequently Facebook) so I can see Instagram photos inline on my feed? Please!
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    You may have to wait until FB buys Twitter.
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    get echofon instead ;) still shows previews
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    Perfect Score

    I don't have Twitterriffic - how does TweetMarker work?


    Haha I think Twitter's IPO will be worth more than FB. (No source, just a hunch)
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    Well…I guess you're right my friend! Lol :cool:
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    I personally use Twitterrific's iCloud sync (and Tweetbot's iCloud sync before that), but TweetMarker lets you save the position of your timeline. It's sad that Twitter does not yet support this feature natively.

    As for IPO price, while I am no fan of Facebook, it's revenue and profit are far higher than that of Twitter. 2012, Facebook reported $5.1 billion and $53 million, respectively, vs. $350 million for Twitter (operating loss, so no profit). Twitter is expected to grow much higher in 2013, but at the expense of becoming more Facebook like.
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    Too text heavy? Uh, it's based on a specific number of characters, so yeah. One picture is worth, what, 7+ tweets? I don't want to have every pic in my face. Much rather click the link if that's what I choose to do. Next they'll force me to read every linked article? Twitter's about info, not aesthetics.
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    Excited about this...

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