Twitter Updated with Login Verification Improvements, New Photo Viewing Options

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    Twitter today updated its iOS app to version 5.9, adding an improved login verification feature that works with Twitter's two-factor authentication procedure (which debuted earlier this year), replacing the phone number portion with in-app alerts.

    With login verification enabled in the Settings menu, Twitter users will get a push notification on their phones alerting them of any login attempts, which can then be approved. Login verification includes international support and provides details on location and browser for anyone who accesses a Twitter account with the setting turned on. The app also provides backup codes in case a phone is lost.

    In addition to new security features, the update brings user photo galleries, new options for photo viewing photo searches, and improvements to lists.
    Twitter for iOS is a free app that can be downloaded from the App Store. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter Updated with Login Verification Improvements, New Photo Viewing Options
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    I still like echofon.
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    I still like Tweetbot.
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    Three cheers for team Tweetbot!
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    i tried tweetbot and didn't like it.
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    This also improves the launch time. Previously on my 4S it would take quite a while to display tweets when launched.

    However, even though iOS 7 beta 5 fixed the issue with the buttons on the previous app, this update causes them to behave how they did in Beta 4.
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    I was just about to post this too...
  8. furthur, Aug 6, 2013
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    Just d/l this update and what were six digit login codes sent to my phone are now over 40 digits. Is that supposed to be an improvement?

    Fixed: Have to go into desktop settings and turn login notifications off.
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    Damn, wish I hadn't updated the app now. Although I have found twitter to be good at squashing bugs as they rise in iOS 7
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    Anyone else been experiencing random "followings"? It seems like my twitter has been randomly following people. I've tried revoke access to certain apps but hasn't really worked...
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    Sync between mac and ios? Pass....
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    can't find where you can manage lists
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    Lists need to be more easily accessible. Right now in the official client to get to lists from the home page I have to tap, swipe up, tap, tap.

    In Tweetbot, you just tap, tap. It's right there on the home screen.

    Lists are something heavy twitter users use every day; it lets you keep better track of groups of followers you care more about.

    Also it would be nice to have custom sound effects for notifications already! Tri-tone was old in 2008.
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    i am also unable to find it
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    Looks today's Twitter update (version 5.10) gets the buttons to work properly again.
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    :D Finally. I felt like I was using an Android phone and having to press down hard for it to respond.


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