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Twitter Updates iOS App With Conversation Redesign

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Aug 28, 2013.

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    Twitter has updated its iOS app to version 5.10, redesigning the look of Conversations within the app. As noted in the App Store description, conversations are easier to find, indicated with a vertical blue line in the Twitter timeline.

    The original tweet of a conversation will now show up above the most recent reply, and a tap will reveal the entire conversation thread. The app has also been updated with new notification settings and bug fixes for direct messages.

    Twitter is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Twitter Updates iOS App With Conversation Redesign
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    That's pretty cool, the vertical line. I still prefer Tweetbot, but this is a nice update for the base twitter app.
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    Can you have user specific notifications with tweetbot like with the official twitter app?
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    Did they update that horrendous icon?
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    Fixed the issue in iOS 7 where you have to hold on the buttons to change pages
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    Flat finger

    Hate that Flat Finger :D
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    If you can then I did not know. I don't have any notifications. Twitter for me is more following and talking to myself. I don't really seem to have a lot of interaction.
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    That was the first thing I checked and thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster that they did! It was annoying as ****.
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    Just downgraded. New update sucks.
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    Well, that certainly clarifies what sucks about it.
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    Not a big fan of the blue lines. If they give an option to disable it, then I'll update.
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    Surely this is a clever way for Twitter to reduce their server load and bandwidth use?
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    What is? And how so?
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    Nope, there's no way this doesn't require more of both.

    It's just the continued actions of one of the most inept UI teams in modern computing history.
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    Twitter: making the Twitter app worse since Tweetie 2
  16. Zyphras, Aug 29, 2013
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    Here, let me quote and bold it for you again:

    It's plausible that it could take less server side processing and bandwidth on Twitter's part to just show you the barebones of a conversation, which you must then expand if you want to view it fully. When you expand the conversation it clearly communicates with Twitter to load the full conversation.

    Anyway, there are loads of great free and non-free apps to replace this for you if you really don't like it. I recommend Tweetbot.
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    I never really cared for the official Twitter app. Like a lot of others, Tweetbot is probably the best Twitter client on iOS.
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    Personally, I preffer Twitterrific . It's remains among the best.
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    I also prefer Twitterrific to Tweetbot. Although Tweetbot has more features, I think the user experience when using Twitterrific is simply superior.
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    I find Tweetbot's conversation view much better, it was even better before with the left-right combination of tweets sorted between myself and the other person.
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    why oh why oh why do new members ALWAYS bump threads that are MONTHS old for no reason?
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    It's important to tell people what you like even when the conversation is long over and it really doesn't add much of anything to it.
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    this is how old threads get locked years down the road. i swear new people come here and click on the last page of threads in a forum and always manage to find something to respond to for no reason. should be banned instead of locking legit threads. or maybe just have their posts deleted so the threads drops back down again.

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