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Typing on the Air....

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by boy-better-know, Nov 12, 2011.

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    i've decided that I am going to buy an Air to be my second computer, so I can bring it out with me to uni etc.

    the problem is, I like the 11 inch because it's so small, it looks amazing, well they both do but the 11 just looks tiny, I want to buy it but I just cant imagine typing out 6000 word essays on it, it looks really uncomfortable.

    Anyone with any advice, I will probably end up buying the 13" for the wrist space unless people tell me I am wrong?
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    Well it has the same size keyboard as every other Macbook/Pro. the palm rests may be the only difference.
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    I have the 13" and hit has more then enough space. I am 5"7 so figure out my hand size from there.
    I have used the 11" I think you will be fine. Honestly you could just attach a usb keyboard for when you need to type up huge essays but I doubt you would need to anyway.
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    All keyboards are same size? Palm rests are only difference ull be fine with 11
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    By Apple

    From my experience, it is really good indeed.
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    I find typing on my 11" Air to be far more comfortable than my 15" MBP. The reason is that the thin front frame of the Air doesn't dig into my hands like the edge of my MBP. I'd rather type a long essay on the Air, no question.
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    The keyboard is the same size.

    Also, the Air is thinner, which helps get rid of that annoying edge your wrists might bump into all the time.
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    I have very large hands, and I have no problem typing on my Air. In fact, it's one of the most comfortable keyboards I've ever had the pleasure to type on :)
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    Thankyou all for the replies. I really have something to think about now. I was playing on both versions today and it just felt wierd on the 11. I am sure it was just something in my head because the thing is so small.
    I just need to decide if I want the extra screen real estate now.

    Thanks again, consider me well and truely reassured.
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    The keyboard is full size on the 11". I came from a 15" MBP and haven't missed it for a second.
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    I write novels on my 11inch 2010 model and I'm 6'3 with hands like shovels. Buy the MBA - you'll love it :)
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    It Sucks!

    I don't know what your first computer is but if you aren't used to typing on an Apple laptop keyboard it is a major adjustment. I love every little detail about my 11" MBA; however the keyboard is the weak link of the product, BY FAR!

    The touch and feel is completely dead and unresponsive...its very unsatisfying. If you have to spend hours at a time of continuous typing you will make a ton of mistakes...especially if you are an excellent/fast typist. Just my $.02...
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    This depends on whether you like the Apple keyboard or not. Personally the apple keyboard is the best that I have ever used for me, but I realise that this is highly subjective. Some love the IBM keyboard, which I don't like. It's about what feels comfortable for you.
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    I have (and have for many, many years) various Thinkpad models and yes, I love their keyboards. That said, I really like the Apple keyboard as well. I also like the consistency across the various models, even desktops.
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    I am fine on Apple keyboards.
    Seriously thank you all for the help, I have decided what to get now.
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    If the 11 feels odd, go with the 13. Ultimately, pick what you like, or what feels "right" to you. I had a more positive experience with the 11 after playing with both, so to each his/her own. Good luck with either, I don't think you'll be disappointed regardless.
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    First, the Air has a bit of a sloped keyboard, which I find is much more like a desktop keyboard. I find this to be much more comfortable.

    Second, the travel distance of the keys on the 11" Air is a less than any MacBook Pro. This is a personal preference, but I find I can type faster on the Air because of this. My girlfriend has the 13" Air and the keyboards feel exactly the same.

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