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UK Amazon offloading 5.5g iPods?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by The Grood, Jan 24, 2007.

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    Does Amazon know something we don't about a new iPod launch?

    80GB iPod -

    UK Apple store price: £259.00
    UK Amazon store price: £229.99

    Is this a stock clearance exercise, or is it perfectly normal?
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    Ooh nice find. I don't think Amazon know anything we don't...as far as I know the public and retails find out about new releases at the same time, am I correct in saying that?
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    Spoze they must have some inside information to help them manage their stocks?

    This is an 11.5% discount. Never really noticed this sort of discrepancy before...

    Someone tell me it's just normal for Amazon to undercut Apple store like this, before I get all excited.
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    Normal enough. They've been known to do it quite a bit as far as I can tell.
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    I picked up two 8GB nanos for £136 each over the weekend, through Amazon (pix_mania were the sellers).
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    through Amazon Marketplace.. bit of a difference :rolleyes:
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    Yeah through amazon, like I said.

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    Pixmania is a legitimate company as well as amazon anyway.
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    easy easy..
    just misinterpreted "through" as "from".. :eek:
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    :) it's cool....slight overreaction on my part anyway....
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    Been that price since before Christmas. Went as low as £210 at one time.

    Still, great price though.
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    OK. thanks for clearing that up.

    Move on please. Nothing to see here...
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    Costco was doing the same thing. All iPods 20 dollars off. Steve, Amazon, and Costco and in cahoots!
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    I have seen this thing on Amazon before. Its nothing out of the ordinary.

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