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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Sairo, Jul 29, 2012.

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    So im running ML for a couple of days now and found out that the cut and paste command doesn't seem to work.
    I can copy and paste, but when it comes to cutting it just cancels the selection wherever it is in its original place.

    Anybody else ran into this and knows a fix?
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    It's woring for me on ML. Are you using Command+C to copy and then Command+Option+V to cut/paste?
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    Im talking about command+x and then command+v. X for cutting and C for copying.
  4. hdfatboy2003, Jul 29, 2012
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    Cmd-X is working for me on Mt Lion.

    oooppss .. missed the part about doing it in Finder. Doesn't work in Finder.
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    In Finder, you don't use cut/copy in that way. You select the file(s) you want, you press cmd+c. Then to move instead of copy, you press alt+cmd+v instead of cmd+v.
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    They most of changed it then because in Lion I had absolutely no problems.
  7. Mal
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    Nope, never worked in Lion. Either you're remembering wrong, or you installed a tweak of some type (although I don't recall any). Cut has never been enabled in the Finder in OS X.

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    It was the exact same thing in Lion.
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    Then I must be sleeping then.
    Thanks for enlightening me!
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    I'm glad I found this thread. I had no clue you could c/p in ML before reading this haha. I recently started a pathfinder trial too just to be able to c/p. Guess I won't need to buy it anymore
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    I'm the same way sometimes. If something doesn't work exactly like in Windows, it's like I don't even take the time to google it but just assume it's not doable and start looking for an alternative solution :)
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    lol i did not know about alt+cmd+v either and ive been using a mac since the ibook days :eek:
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    That's because it's utterly unintuitive.

    MS Windows can Cut/Copy/Paste files and it works very well. The Cut only occurs if you make a Paste. Apple should copy this behavior; it's very useful.
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    Please elaborate on how ctrl+x is intuitive for "cut" and ctrl+v for "paste", and how it's more useful to press ctrl+x, ctrl+v than to press cmd+c, alt+cmd+v...

    If you would have learned the Apple way of doing it first (i.e. cmd+c to choose the file(s), then cmd+v to copy or alt+cmd+v to move), you would have been all like "ctrl+x to CUT? It makes no sense!".

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