Unable to Move to iCloud

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by andrew.bussman, Oct 12, 2011.

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    Is anyone else getting this error message?

    iCloud Error.png
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    Ditto - just got that same message. What's up with this!

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    Me too. Servers are being hammered. Just have to be patient.
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    Yes I am also unable to make the switch. Kind of irritating but I am sure it will get done today
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    yeah same here, been trying for a couple of hours now and nothing! also been trying to download iOS 5 from iTunes and I'm getting 100kbps... servers must be getting hammered!
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    Same message here, tried it on two different machines about a dozen times each, same result. Its not even trying to move either, it flashes up for a split second some kind of progress bar thats empty, then this message comes up every time.
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    i've been getting that message for the past hour.
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    Same. Making me mad...especially after I spent two hours updating everything.
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    Once you get there, you will be unable to receive email...at least that is the case for me.
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    Did Apple borrow iCloud from RIM ? ;)

    Seriously - my iPad was stuck verifying restore with Apple for an age
    iCloud is giving me this error too....

    I realise that the servers are stressed, but it's hardly a glowing inditement of the new iCloud servers if they can't handle this stress.
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    Epic fail thus far.
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    Got mine through, with all calendars, contacts, and emails perfectly making the transition across an iPad 2, iPhone 4, and two macs.
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    I have been trying to migrate for 5 hours now. Still getting this same dang error. :mad:
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    Yeah I've been getting that error all day too. Also took me 6 tries to get iOS 5 but I finally did.

    I'm sure eventually we'll get to move to iCloud.
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    Glad I am not the only one. I got iOS 5 and the Lion Update on the 1st try. Been trying to convert my me.com for hours now, which is a total bummer since I want to try out the new "Find My Friends" feature.
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    I am the same... but I have been trying since 11 am atlantic time though, course it wasn't available until 2:30 our time. I upgraded to lion also with no problems and got iOS 5 on my iphone, which was a bit bumpy .

    You'd think they would have anticipated the mass numbers of people trying to use the server at one time. I'm surprised it wasn't seamless for how long it was anticipated.
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    quick question, I have some word docs on my macbook pro. Can I move this to icloud and if so how, I tried to dragging and dropping to the Pages section on icould but nothing worked.

    Please help, does this only work from an iphone or ipad.
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    It's been hours, and I STILL cannot migrate my MobileMe account.
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    I got the same thing... I'll just wait till tomorrow or friday to try again.
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    Can't Rid Myself of MobileMe

    I had virtually no trouble upgrading to iOS 5. Yeah, a few apps didn't make it back on to my iDevices but I'll just put them back. Then iCloud doesn't allow me to migrate. Ugh. :(

    Servers have been crushed today. I don't need iCloud at this very second but it would've been nice to get it all done tonight. My AppleTV is taking forever, and had two errors.
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    I finally migrated to iCloud. Knew it'd just take some time. Woo!
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    Mine transferred too.
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    Finally got it. I just kept trying over and over and it finally worked.
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    It took me about 5x to get through and migrate to iCloud. Keep trying, you will find a crack in the pavement and slip through.
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    When I go to me.com/move either directly or by referral from System Preferences or iCloud.com it just immediately takes me to me.com/find.

    I don't even get an error message about moving the account.

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