Unable to post in political forums?

Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by MacFan26, Nov 7, 2004.

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    Am I missing something? I'm only able to edit posts in the political forum. The forum is open again if I'm not mistaken right? I'm able to post elsewhere, just not there...
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    There is an explanation posted at the top of the page. We are in a timeout period, it's explained in post. Things were getting a little heated.
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    Ok thanks. I just wondered since I saw posts from earlier today.
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    Those are threads that were moved to the political forum because they either were or became political in nature. Even though the forum is closed, the rules regarding where particular threads belong remain in effect. When the Political forum re-opens they will be back in business...
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    The forum is now open for posting again - there are a few rule changes that apply to newbies, but regular members should be able to access and post without issues now.

    Thanks for cooperating, and happy posting.

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    Thanks for reopening! I was beginning to feel withdrawal symptoms....
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    Good job Mudbug. The cooling off period was a great move.
    Hope it has its intended result.
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    Why cant I post in the political forum. I can post in other forums... :mad:
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    Looks like you need about 34 more posts to be allowed to post there. Apparently a new rule. Seems a bit harsh to me, but it does prevent people from establishing new accounts just to troll in the political forum.
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    Probably not a bad idea. The waters were pretty rough for a while.
    If you are really interested, you will hang around though.
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    I have 66 posts. Still no go.
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    Yes. You need 100. 66+34=100.
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    damn it you beat me to this before i saw the new post by mudbug pointing out the 100 minimum. I misread your post and read 33 minimum.

    I think 100 is too high, but I'll have to post BS in the other forums like the other users here (lets see, 10.3.6 didnt hose my machine, theres a post or two I can get out of that) to inflate my post count to 100.

    Grr... I hate BS posts.

    /edit: considering i got VERY up close and personal to a couple of n00bs in there, i'm sure they'll more than happily inflate my post count. thats why I must post BS. thanks.
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    spam postings just to inflate your post count will only get you kicked out, not let in. just fyi.
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    i'm not advocating spam posts, although I may have used that word. I'm advocating the posts that so many people do here to get into the 1000s of posts, simply posting "I agree", "Sounds good", "Works for me" or any of the other hundreds of junk posts that are posted to discussions daily.
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    Well, sgarringer

    you seem to be making fair progress merely in this thread.

    Oh, the irony.

    I await your inevitable response.
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    Uh, I wouldn't be advocating those posts either. Just get involved in a real discussion somewhere and contribute. Your post count will rise naturally. It isn't about numbers or status, its about contribution and interaction.

    The posts that you are advocating will simply draw the attention of the mods and cause you problems.
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    Sun Baked

    This is going to knock out some of the more prolific Political Forum posters, some of which have yet to break double-digits on their post counts.
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    I do add to real discussions, in fact I've started a few myself. The point is that even 30 some posts that I have to make would take several months to reach only adding real comments to real discussions. There arent that many real discussions going on here, and there arent that many real comments to be made to those?

    Is this a real discussion? No, its pointless. However, my post count continues to grow. And I'm not spamming.
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    I haven't seen too many that it will effect, and, like I said in the welcome back thread, we'll deal with getting those folks back in there.
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    wow, sounds like i missed a lot.

    for those keeping score, i was in japan and korea the last 12 days for a holiday. had an awesome time, thank you. amazing how comprehensively japanese TV covered the american electoral process, fwiw.
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    I can't post in the political forum either. Regardless of how happy that may make some people, I am trying to decide for myself whether this is maybe a good thing. :eek:

    Anyone care to elaborate (in PG-13 terms) on whether this restriction was due to a specific incident, or just general post-election sniping (combined with typical Web nastiness/trolling)?... Or is that question better left unasked?
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    Mr. Anderson

    its because we (the mods) are tired of dealing with trolls coming in and causing problems. 100 posts isn't all that much for a regular member, but it keeps others out.

    And, yes, this is all pretty much fall out from the election fiasco.

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    If your main purpose here is to discuss politics then you may want to find another forum where politics is the main purpose of the forum.

    If you enjoy discussing mac stuff then you shouldn't have any problem reaching 100 posts in a normal way.
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    Sun Baked

    There's probably been about 5 members whose sole purpose was the political forum (I do remember seeing 1 post that counted when they had hundred of posts in the Political Forum.)

    But they eventually get themselves banned several times.

    Not to memtion the number of long-term members who have left because of the Political Forum.

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