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Unboxing of a replacement iPod touch!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by kockgunner, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I don't know if this is the right forum to post this thread, but for those who want to know how a iPod touch replacement product is like without wrecking your precious iPod, here you go. These pictures are actually a 'reenactment' of the unboxing because I forgot to take pictures in the initial 'fury of excitement' and curiosity of whether I was going to get a new or refurb iPod touch (for the record, I got a brand new week 5 model). My old iPod had a loose headphone jack and was thankfully still under warranty (obviously, since the touch wasn't even released for a year yet). Also, I subjected my iPod to the controversial brushed metal treatment; so, for the skeptics: 'brush metaling your iPod's stainless steel back does NOT void your warranty as it does not alter the device's function in any way'. There.

    I had to cross out my personal info even though I'm not sure what anyone could do with it except spam me:


    The retail iPod box by it's cheapened replacement product analogue

    It's even got a sheet of foam velour!

    The little sticker is the newly assigned serial number:

    All the contents:

    Apple literature:


    The whole process of sending the iPod in took exactly a week:
    1) I requested a product replacement on Apple's website on March 12
    2) March 14, a prepaid cardboard box with clear intructions arrived at
    my door
    3) I dropped the package off at my local UPS store
    4) March 18 The package was delivered to somewhere in Ontario, Canada
    5) I got a email that said my iPod will arrive at my door in 2 days
    6) To my surprise, the next morning (March 19), I heard a man's low voice
    calling my name from the front door which my parents had opened while
    I was still in bed -- my iPod had arrived!
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    It's interesting to see the comparison between the new and the used. At least for a used product, it is protected well.
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    Replacements are typically new with apple.
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    That's good. I've had bad experiences with replacement products. I had to replace my phone with Verizon twice and the phones are used because they have painted over scratches and my current phone, the send and end buttons don't light up. At least Apple cares about people. :eek:

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