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Unknown Error on Boot

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Zothecula, Dec 5, 2012.

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    I am attaching a screenshot of the error. I was trying to replace my lcd display on this laptop, the lcd comes on but shows this error. Is there anyway to save my stuff off this laptop and then use my install disk and redo it? Or does this error say my laptop is toast? I have been using mac's 1999 and even repair them from time to time but NEVER seen this error. Appreciate any help.

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    What exact laptop is it? It looks a bit like a G4 PowerBook, do you know which exact one? It could mean, the LCD connection is damaged or that the logic board or GPU are failing?

    Or do you mean the Finder icon in the middle? If so, that means no bootable OS has been found, for that you need the grey Restore CD/DVDs or Retail CD/DVDs.

    Have you tried any of these steps?

    If you have access to another Mac, you could always try Target Disk Mode.
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    Yes, sorry it is a Powerbook G4, the LCD is one off ebay. Yes I have 2 mac mini's and an ipad 2 here LOL
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    So the LCDis not the problem, only that Finder icon? If so, the links in my first post might help, and you can use one of you Mac minis (plural apostrophe not needed) and a Firewire 400 cable to hopefully copy data off that PowerBook.

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    Will go through the links and try what I can, if not I will transfer data and be done with it. Thx again

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