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Discussion in 'Site and Forum Feedback' started by igucl, Dec 13, 2004.

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    I understand the necessity of moving certain heated discussions to the "Political" forum, but sometimes a thread is moved unreasonably, in my opinion. For a current example, consider the thread "Favorite Verse, or Saying, Christian or Otherwise." Why is this something that should be excluded to members with more than 100 posts? It only asks for a simple contribution of a token saying of wisdom. I do not see the wisdom of limiting the responses to a small number of members. Am I the only one?
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    i agree igucl.

    thanks for pointing that out...i had forgotten that you need 100 posts to post in the political forum.
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    Its easier to move a thread then to tell people to calm down in a semi-heated discussion.

    Political means more like -- 'Politically Related, War Releated, Current Events Related, and any Topics that get more Heated than usual.'
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    As someone who frequents the PF, I have noticed an increase of threads being moved into our hallowed halls. Most of them would probably've made it there eventually, but there does seem to be more of a pre-emptive policy on potentially divisive topics lately.

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    nah - we just like clicking the buttons.

    clicky, clicky :D

    honestly, it's a judgement call, and typically things don't pick up on our radar unless someone points it out to us as starting to be an 'argumentative' issue, so it typically gets moved.
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    Why can't we just play it out? The sports referees that get our respect are the ones that don't nit-pick, and allow the players to play. I, for one, would like to see an end to this pre-emptive policy. I'm getting tired of having my mouth taped shut before I can get a word out. Am I a part of this community or not? I visit MacRumors several times a day and offer help when I feel I have some to give. But my life experience does extend beyond the Mac computer, and sometimes I would like to enter discussions of a more diverse topic. Also, I'm not going to start posting randomly just to reach 100.
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    Sun Baked

    Well we just like complaining about all these religious threads clogging up the forum lately. :p

    A title like that would tend to make people notice and report it as another religious thread, and we've had old members banned for religious rants before -- so it tends to be an open wound that people like to pick at.
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    Well, I recognize your frustration, I must say that I started your example thread in PF because I started it with a religious slant, and felt it belonged there.
    I had hundreds of posts before the election and the shutting down of the PF after the election due to the Over the Top heated comments. But guess what of my hundreds of posts about 75 counted because they were not in the PF forum. Only posts NOT IN THE PF count. So I went exploring, still new to MR even though I have been a Mac only user since '87. I enjoyed it, found some great threads and learned more about my mac. I even pm'd the admins and thanked them for the forced learning curve.
    So even in our got to have it now society, you can find the time and interests to get your 100 posts in no time. I should probably have a 'tar but probably never will cause 95% of my posts are in the PF. No need to beeef about it cause those are the rules, have been the rules, and the rules apply equally as far as I know.
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    Thank you all for your responses. It's good to know that you're listening. Stubeef, you make a lot of sense, and I guess I will have to wait it out. Thanks.
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    the post count hurdle is there for a two-fold reason.

    1) the purpose of our site is to promote the discussion of mac-related rumors and news, so that people looking for information regarding such have a place to find what they're looking for.

    2) without the hurdle, the PF can (and will) be a haven for people to register, flame, and run. This limits the flamebait and troll postings, forcing you to have a recognizable MO from elsewhere in the site before being able to participate in there. Generally speaking, it makes the whole experience better for everyone.

    I'm sorry you feel 'slighted' by this, and no, I don't want you to just start spamming your way around the board trying to reach 100 posts. But really, reaching 100 posts is not that hard to do if you look for topics that interest you. Besides, at 45 posts already, you're almost half-way there.
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    People will question your ability to judge "good sense" now!
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    Yes. Thanks again Mudbug for your response. I can see the wisdom of the restrictions; it's just that some particular threads seem to be unnecessarily restricted, which is frustrating. But we've been through all that, haven't we?

    Edit: By the way, what is an "MO"?
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    http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=modus operandi :)
    not that you're a criminal, of course ;)
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    IRONY, my last post was my number 500, but only 178 now towards 'tar, ha!
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    I agree with Mudbug... This site is for Mac discussion first and foremost, the other forums being a logical extension (since we know each other pretty well, we discuss a lot more than Macs). I don't think it's too much to ask that you have 100 posts on Mac-related (or even Community-related) topics before you start going off on tangents. If you really want a place to discuss random trivialities, there are tens of thousands of other forums on the internet. Find one that pertains to your interest.

    It's also nice to have the political/religious/argumentative threads moved somewhere else, because i really don't need to read another abortion debate, or religious debate, etc. I almost never go into the political forum... How many times can the same people debate the same topic? No one's mind ever changes... rarely do people learn anything. It's just closeminded drivel.

    But the biggest point I'd like to make: this forum isn't yours. Or mine. It's private property, and the owners can do what they like. That's what keeps me from bitching about most things... Being able to post here is a privilege, not a right. It's thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, and I'm not going to second-guess them.

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    Well, after a certain point, having an Apple is just something we all have in common. There isn't that much to discuss without wanting to explore some other areas.

    I think that threads should be allowed to progress and moved when they have become political, but not before.

    It's not definate that a potentially argumentative subject will become political. People argue about everything, just look at the main page.
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    Sun Baked

    It's not about a thread becoming "political" -- it's the topics that have proven to be troublesome in the past that are dumped there.

    These threads tend to take up a lot of the moderator's time if left outside the Political forum, and nearly always turn into threads that should be there.
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    Doctor Q

    Staff Member

    Right. And many topics that are controversial, unlikely to be settled anytime soon no matter how much we discuss them, and non-Mac-related can fall into that category.
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    soon as we all wear the same blue overalls the world will be a better thought controlled place.:rolleyes:

    Whatever the complaint and however much I am annoyed by the moderation around this place, it comes down to a simple choice...

    Like it or sod the hell off.

    See, the way I see it, however much reason is found to complain, you just have to remind yourself with the question - where else can you go and get the quality content on this site?

    I may not like the way Moderators do the things they do but I like what it becomes when it's done. :)
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    Most of the threads that have been moved to the political forum have remained civil. Maybe I just ahven't been around long enough to see some of this stuff.
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    Sun Baked

    Considering you participated in a thread that got moved to the political forum, because it didn't remain civil... ;)

    Dealers Report Stolen Marijuana To Authorities

    Of course the moderators have already been by to remove the nastiness from the thread.
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    Only after it was moved there. Where I then contributed one whole post. Nothing as witty as your taunt about "Master Debaters" though, speaking of less than civil postings.
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    This is cool: starting an argument in this thread about who was at fault for an argument in a different thread. Will someone volunteer to kick off yet another thread discussing whether Sun Baked or Xtremehkr was less civil in this thread?
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    Sun Baked

    C'mon it's the Political Forum style, they even debated what constituted a "proper opinion" and whether or not people should be required to include source material for their opinions.

    They live for the debate,

    crave the debate,

    hound people to continue the debate, etc.

    If those people don't constitute Master Debaters, and they're just amateurs, I'd hate to see the grad school version.

    Edit: It was a thread about stupid criminals, so you had to expect some silly answers -- including any attempts at a debate, or futher explanation of the debate. ;)

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