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Updating Library on iPod issue

Discussion in 'iPod' started by adn rcd dly, Feb 4, 2010.

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    adn rcd dly

    Hello All,

    I recently used my 60 GB 5th gen iPod to move a file from my Mac Mini (PowerPC G4 running OS X 10.5.8) to my iBook (PowerPC G3 running OS X 10.2.8).

    It was a simple .zip file and I used the iPod as a drive because using AFP between the two was going slow. Transfer was complete and I took the iPod back to the Mac Mini to delete the .zip file.

    Here's the issue: when I connect it to the Mac Mini it launches iTunes and gives me an "Updating library on iPod" message. When the progress bar fills up it will do 1 of 2 things.

    1. It will display the iPod in the window and if I try and click anywhere in iTunes the application freezes and has to be forced to quit.

    2. It will not display the iPod and just have the beach ball spinning.

    Is there an issue because the iBook was running iTunes 3.0.1 and overwrote the library file on the iPod and now iTunes 9.0.3 is trying to update that file? If so, how do I correct this? Without the iPod connected iTunes launches and plays with no issues. And from what I can tell none of the music has been deleted from the iPod. The .zip file was deleted just fine but now I am stuck.

    As always, any help or suggestions is appreciated.


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    For starters I would suggest disabling the automatic syncing from iTunes preferences in the Devices tab. You should do this before you connect your iPod. If iTunes doesn't give you that message, the next thing to look at is what content/playlists do you have set to autosync to the iPod: movies, music, podcasts, TV shows? What would happen if you disabled syncing of everything and just did one tab at a time?
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    adn rcd dly

    That's one thing I find really odd. I have the iPod on Manual sync. I did go in to remove that option just in case. I would hate to have 60 GBs of music get deleted. The same error popped up even after disabling that in the iTunes preferences. It was set that way before and there is nothing on the iPod itself set to auto sync once connected.
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    adn rcd dly

    Just wanted to give this a bump to see if anyone else might have an idea? As I stated I was thinking of trying to "Show Hidden Files" with Onyx to inspect the iPod and delete the old library file, I just don't know which one it would be or where it is.


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    adn rcd dly

    One final update before I just attempt a restore. I looked at the "About" screen from the iPod and it says I have 9289 Songs and 9289 Videos. I actually have 0 videos on the iPod. I still think I am going through a restore but I wanted to let anyone know


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