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Updating to iOS 5.1 without computer

Discussion in 'iPod' started by adddictedtomac, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Many people do not know this, but you do not need a computer to update your iPod touch 3rd or 4rth Generation under iOS 5.

    Here is a simple short video on how to:


    Did anyone had trouble updating to iOS 5.1?
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    I think many people about this. It was a key feature with the introduction on iOS 5.
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    Many people know about this and many people do not. Not a bad reminder I guess for those who do not know or may have forgotten.
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    Instead of going into settings then software update. I'd like to receive push notifications for new updates.

    Yes this has been mentioned time and time again.
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    If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, your device should inform you of a new software update. It might take some time.
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    Too much time.
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    Are you always in desperate need of a software update?
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    When it fixes annoying things like not being able to delete pictures from photo stream yes.
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    It also improved battery life!
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    Yeah it fixed my battery life all to hell.
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    I got the message that that an update was available on my iPhone. I presume Apple waited for the load on the servers to die down before notifying those who hadn't done it.
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    I'm all about trying to slam there servers
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    Yup. When it first came out, you couldn't even download it OTA for at least the first few hours. I managed to update my non-developer iPad, but only about 18 hours after iOS 5.1 was out.
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    I know youre trying to be helpful and like basesloaded said, its introduced as a new feature in iOS5

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