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Upgrade Mac Plus to 4MB

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by blakespot, Apr 7, 2002.

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    Heheh, good job! How long have you owned your mac plus?
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    About a week. Grabbed it on eBay for $60 or so (+ $30 shipping from the land of the red leaf to the north). Great condition.

    Next step (starting tonight) is to get the 20MB SCSI HD it's sitting on upgraded to this 420MB SCSI HD ripped from my old NeXTStation (where I replaced it with a 2GB SCSI drive ripped from a PC I used to have). Trick is to get AppleTalk going on the Mac so I can move all the files from the Plus to my G4 so I can restore those apps after new drive is installed.

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    I applaud you even just for getting the casing off! That's not exactly the easiest of feats. :)

    Hey, anyone remember this vintage game? :D

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