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Upgrade to 4.2 instead of restoring

Discussion in 'iPad Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by LastLine, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Quick question. Can I upgrade to 4.2 via upgrade instead of restoring?
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    Edit: apologies for spreading incorrect information.
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    Unlike the previous poster's reply, yes you can. I've done it, it works fine.

    However, I would really recommend that you don't upgrade to beta 1 unless you are developer. Most third party apps have issues with 4.2 beta 1.
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    How'd you do it?
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    Option click on upgrade, select the ipsw file from disk, and then the upgrade will run.
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    Wouldn't agree there. I regularly use about thirty apps on ios 4.2. Only one thid party app has caused any problem. It's reall stable for a beta1
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    The OS is reasonably stable but at least 75% of the 60 apps I use have various problems at time with this release. You might not have hit the bugs but they are there. Even iWork exhibits some problems. And there are bugs that will sometimes cause sound to disappear and 3G network connectivity.
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    I upgraded rather than restoring and have found it to be very unstable.

    -Settings only works about 30% of the time.
    -Applications often fail to launch.
    -The OS seems very slow.

    Last night I did a restore to 4.2, restored my backup, sync'd files etc... and now it runs great!

    So I'd have to recommend doing a full restore rather than an upgrade.
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    I've done both and there is no difference in the behavior in apps. Many apps will need some upgrades to be fully compatible with 4.2. And it's still just a beta 1. Using it on a day to day machine is just asking for trouble.

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