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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Thunderbird8, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I would like some advice please about what to buy bundled with a Mac Pro and what not to. Specifically things like RAM and graphics cards, and all the other customisations you can make. For example I have heard that 'Apple' RAM is really expensive...

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    i'll answer you real quick before the forum nazis come in and lock the thread and tell you to "search the forums."

    never buy upgraded RAM or hard drives from Apple.

    Buy those from somewhere like OWC or Newegg. We're talking less than 1/2 price compared to the same exact items installed for you by apple.

    installing RAM or hard drives in a Mac Pro yourself is easier than putting gas in your car, so why people pay apple a 100% premium to do it for you I'll never understand. I guess they are just taking advantage of ignorance.

    graphics cards are a different issue. Apple's graphics cards are basically the same as all regular PC ones except they put a different bit of firmware in there to make them work with OS X. If you're handy, and a bit lucky, you can buy a regular PC graphics card and flash the ROM with a "real" mac ROM and it will work. Apple also overcharges for graphics cards, sometimes dramatically.

    Right now, buying the upgrade to the 8800GT from Apple is a good idea.

    But not hard drives or RAM. buy those separately.
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    Thanks for getting in under the wire on this one.

    I know searching the forums is always a good idea but sometimes it's nice to get 'the latest' thinking on these issues.

    Cheers matey.
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