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upgrading imac g5 intel processor

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by andyx181x, Aug 13, 2008.

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    curiosity here, i looked up a while back to see if it was possible to swap out the first intel processors with the newer ones the imacs are coming with. i found this info and mainly looks just as tricky as open heart surgery to risk my imac doing, and thats just replacing the processor itself. wouldn't it be easier to just swap out motherboards with the new processor already installed? assuming of course you can buy/find it like that, since the new intel chips are running the same mother boards
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    Are you talking about an iMac G5 to Intel iMac upgrade?

    Thats not going to work...

    For an Intel iMac to Intel iMac upgrade, I don't know what else would be involved other than swapping motherboards. DOubt you can find a cost effective source for motherboards anyway.

    I read about some Core Solo to Core Duo upgrade on the Intel Mac Mini, but nothing on the iMac's.

    Not sure the iMac is really a good choice for this type of upgrade...
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    You either have a G5 processor or an Intel Processor.

    There is no such thing as a G5 Intel Processor or G5 Intel
    Macintosh Computer.

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    I think you are confusing the White Intel iMac with the iMac G5 - they look identical.

    The CPU swap you are talking about is basically what I mentioned above with the Mac Mini...
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    lol not gonna happen if you have a g5 imac
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    If you have an iMac Core Duo, yes the processor is theoretically upgradable because it is not soldered in.

    If you have an iMac G5 (PowerPC, not intel) it's a lot harder than that... harder as in impossible.

    EDIT: It would also help if you posted the specs of your iMac.
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    I had the original Intel 20" iMac (core duo) and almost swapped it out for a core solo CPU out of our first Mac mini intel system.

    Why? Simply because I thought it would be hilarious and definitely the only one of its kind. Never got around to it though. :)
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    sorry i keep calling it a g5 cause its the fifth generation, i haven't gotten use to calling it just intel mac.
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    Lord Zedd

    G5 is something completely different.
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    HAHAHA yeah it is, to all of us old PPC Guys . . . the G5 alot of us have a lot of respect and good memories of . . . and some have bad, but I have good memories!!!


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